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anonymous asked:

why do you hate trevor so much? because ian and his relationship is moving too fast? didnt ian and mickey have sex basically directly after meeting? bc he has no development? there hasnt been any major conflict in their relationship for there to be any major development. mickey at that point in his development didnt have anything to his personality besides fucking ian and being a criminal? i dont think its wise to judge a character this early on, but thats just me..

Hi anon! 

There are a lot of reasons for me to not like Trevor. I wouldn’t say I hate him. Because if you know me well enough, then you know that I’m a hopeless hippie who can’t really hate no one without feeling guilty.

 I like to make fun of him, and I like to point out all his bullshit behavior, I definitely don’t like his relationship with Ian because of reasons I can totally explain if you’re up to. But it completely depends on my view of Ian and my view of Gallavich, so I don’t demand that people think like me. I like to think that I’m convincing, though. 

Is their relationship moving too fast? Didn’t Ian and Mickey have sex basically directly after meeting? Yeah! I think relationships develop at their speed. There is no such thing as too fast or too slow. The only rule the relationship development has to follow is: are both (or all) components comfortable with it? 

Ian and Mickey were comfortable fucking after their quick fight, even though they were both closeted and inexperienced. You can see it by the way they rip each other’s clothes off, the way Ian tries to kiss Mickey later (my baby, probably already in love), the way Mickey comes back for more days later. They show no hesitation, and they seem to come from a stable mental and  emotional place. So I wouldn’t say the relationship moved too fast.

You know, Ian and Mickey are pretty fool-proof here. Because I’ve talked about manipulation a lot, and people could fairly ask me why I’ve never considered the idea of Mickey manipulating Ian or Ian manipulating Mickey. Simple enough: they basically never spoke to one another for the first months they saw each other. So, I literally have zero evidence to work with the case. 

Ian and Trevor, on the other hand, kissed for the first time while drunk. When Trevor came forward telling Ian he was comfortable with it, Ian, well- Ian told him he was not. In response, Trevor told him they could still be friends and then kissed him again. Ian didn’t react much. But he convinced himself (by convincing others) that he probably wanted to fuck his friend. That maybe he’d be comfortable with it, even though just weeks prior he claimed he had ptsd after an intimate encounter with a vagina. 

Then, we have Trevor annoying Ian with that ‘twink’ comment (yes it was fucking important to me), and Ian makes it clear, again, that he is not completely comfortable with how things are going, and Trevor throws a tantrum and tells him he won’t be his friend if he’ll keep making things weird. In the end, Ian sees a patient die in front of him, is shocked, goes to Trevor and decides that yes, he definitely, totally, completely wants to have sex with the guy. 

(Oh, I have to say here, this scene reminded me of when Ian ran to Mickey’s door in 1x09 when he was Monica-upset and they fucked at Kash&Grab. The pattern tells us that Ian searches for sex in times of emotional distress - but we already knew that. The main difference is that while many of Ian’s lovers took advantage of it - Ned, Trevor, probably lots of guys at Basic Training - with Mickey it was already the fourth if not more time they fucked, so there was nothing to take advantage of. In his case, it wasn’t a moment of weakness. It was a safe space, with a safe person whom he trusted.) 

So. Was Ian coming from a stable mental and emotional place when he decided he had to have sex with Trevor? No. He even had to smoke pot before taking it up the ass.

The rest, you choose what to think. I just shared my way of analysing the couples’ dynamics. But I’m gonna answer a few more of your questions.

Is it because Trevor has no development? It’s not quite about development. I don’t expect much from a 4-episode arc. Honestly, I just find him annoying, with an annoying humor, manipulative, self-centered, and too low-key for Ian, and since Ian is a bit like a chameleon, the thought of Ian slowly turning into Trevor 2.0 every day does not appease me. In Elliot’s defense, it’s mostly the writers’ fault. 

Was Mickey’s development in 4 episodes any better? Well, let’s see, if you took Trevor’s time in these 4 episodes and applied it to Mickey, I think the whole Season 1 would fit. And I loooooove Gallavich in Season 1. The intensity, the innocence. But if we gotta talk exclusively about Mickey’s development, I think yeah. His development was way better. Because the acting was better and the writing was better. The character was more dynamic. The scenes they showed us were denser with information, which made the characters multilayered and interesting to watch. Honestly, at the base of Mickey’s success as a character, there’s drama. His drama. The internalized homophobia, the disastrous family, the violence, the sex, the love. Deep drama. I don’t know why, but Shameless writers are apparently out of ideas, in terms of drama. So what’s Trevor’s drama? His being trans? It’s not like they went in-depth with that. We don’t know how Trevor lived it. We don’t know his fears. We don’t know anything. And literally, Ian/Trevor is so flat they had to make Mickey come back to shake things up a little. I mean. 

So, I hope my answers were satisfying! Let me know if you’re still unconvinced. I can totally write more until you all just want to fucking kill me already. HAH.