Little Rock Police Chief Offers Condolences After 3-Year-Old Boy Dies in Road Rage Shooting; Offer $20K Reward for Shooter

Little Rock Police Chief Offers Condolences After 3-Year-Old Boy Dies in Road Rage Shooting; Offer $20K Reward for Shooter

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A manhunt was underway Sunday in Little Rock after a 3-year-old boy was fatally shot in a road-rage encounter while on a shopping trip with his grandmother. (more…)

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BREAKING NEWS: Local man points out that a lot of people wear black clothes. Is this a harmless coincidence, or sinister conspiracy led by retailers looking to maximize profit margins and INFECT THE NATION WITH A DISEASE?

(with many thanks to chainstay1 over on Twitter for sending this one in!)

Tracy bounced up and down on the balls of his feet, a bit more excited than he supposed he should have been for a simple shopping trip. It was less than a week before they started off for their anniversary trip and he still hadn’t told her where they were going. Now that everything was in order and the perparations didn’t require any more trips to the Human Plane, things were smooth sailing. They were more comfortable around each other, he could feel it between them, and the excitement was steadily building. He let out a little chuckle at the idea of starting their trip on Sunday, the look on her face when she realized where she was. He stifled his laughter, moving forward into the bedroom and poking his head into the bathroom. “Almost ready, luv?” he asked.

Shopping Trip | Dabekah

What had started off as a good day…or partly good, at least, had rapidly turned into one of Rebekah’s worse days. First Stefan hadn’t recognised her, and then when he had, he rejected her. They’d then argued over Elena, resulting in her skewering him with a piece she’d broken from a nearby street lamp. His brother Damon wasn’t much better; he’d made fun of her for having been locked in a coffin for ninety years and she’d stabbed him. Two Salvatores in one day wasn’t bad. 

Stefan was much more boring than he used to be and, though Rebekah was still in love with him and devastated that he’d chosen not just anyone, but her brother’s hybrid key, to love, she knew it was her brother’s fault and for that, he’d pay.

Stefan’s brother, Damon, however, despite insulting her, seemed a lot more fun. She’d even managed to talk him into taking her shopping so she didn’t look, as one of the older women who’d seen her walking around in a disgusting, old and torn leather jacket and her dress (still stained with her own blood) from the night she’d been daggered, said, ‘a joke’. She’d been quite angry about that but hadn’t done anything about it. Once she was cleaned up, she would though. She’d find out her name and address and pay the old dear a visit. 

Stealing Nik’s credit cards was easy. She was out the door in a flash and proceeded to speed across the tiny town (though it was much bigger than it had once been) to the Salvatore mansion. Once she arrived, Rebekah thumped her fist against the front door and waited for the eldest brother to answer. “Come on, Damon! I don’t have all day!”

Shopping Trip || Dmitriel + Gideon

    “Angel, you ready?” he cried as he glanced at his outfit in the mirror again. He was wearing Dmitriel’s baggiest sweater and pants. Finally, after far too long, he was giving in and going to buy clothes for this body. At least he already had a bit of experience buying women’s undergarments, though he was going to steer clear of the things he normally bought with either lots of leather or lace. He turned to look at Dmitriel. “So, clothes, then the bookshop and maybe lunch after or between?”

Shopping Trip

    Steve didn’t even bother about how much Bucky
    complained and at first refused to try out the things
    they had picked up, let alone the things the nice
    lady working at the store had picked up for him,
    he had to put them on, and Steve couldn’t help
    it but smirk, trying to hide it behind his hand, when
    Bucky came out, dressed like… Well. A christmas
    tree. There’s no doubt that sweater had to be itchy,
    and hopefully it wouldn’t rip apart when Bucky tried
    to take it off again.

             "You look… —-Funny.
              Don’t make that face, Bucky!
              We’ve never done this. Smile
              a bit, will ya? And thank me for
              not making you wear a weird
              dress just to keep myself entertained.“

       Even though they both knew there were at least
       five items in that cabin Steve would end up laughing
       his ass off about once Bucky put them on and left
       the cabin to show Steve the disaster.

          "I like the pants. –Are they comfortable?
           You absolutely have the legs for tiny-jeans.”

       The woman behind him corrected him by clearing
       her throat and mumbling out a ‘skinny jeans’.

takes place on june 24th, andrew's birthday, continuing from this thread.

[ andrew and lucien have left the kitchen and are now on their way to harry’s room. lucien suggested they all go on a shopping trip in honor of andrew’s birthday, and since he’d planned nothing himself, he’s agreed to go along.

when they reach harry’s door, andrew knocks, hoping harry is feeling better than the last time he saw him. ]

Hey, Harry, you there? Lucien’s with me. We want to go shopping with you.

Shopping Trip || Dick and Damian

Dick opened his fridge and stared at the empty racks with a look of utter desperation. He often avoided grocery shopping until the last minute, but this was bad.

He had let it get to literally nothing in the fridge but a half-stick of moldy cream cheese, a stick of butter (at least that was still good), and a jar of jelly that literally had maybe one spoonful in it. His cupboards weren’t any better.

It wasn’t the money that made him avoid shopping (okay maybe that was part of it), but it was mostly just going and doing responsible things by himself that bothered him. He really ought to get a roommate, but roommates were a hassle when you masqueraded on the streets of Gotham as a vigilante.

So he did the next best thing. He phoned a friend. First was Tim. Tim was out of town. Naturally. Next was Jason, who didn’t answer, so Dick left a message. Jason called back immediately only to laugh at him. He thought about calling Barbara but that made him kind of nauseous to think about. So he called Damian.

“Hey, I’m going grocery shopping. You should totally come with. Have Alfred give you a list. We’ll get all the stuff we need together. Sound good?”