para: you're back

Closed rp. {kibathebaka}

Sasuke lazily sat at his computer desk and was looking at different websites out of boredom. “Man…I haven’t seen him in weeks..” he pouted. Sasuke got up and went downstairs into the kitchen to get himself something to eat to cure the boredom. He hoped that maybe Kiba would drop by today or something.


And I’m back.

The trip was great (although the second half of the journey home was a bit of a nightmare) and totally successful in terms of accomplishing my three objectives of not freezing to death, getting a flat white at the Laughing Man, and going to the opera on purpose. 

Yeah, the polar vortex was – if you’ll excuse my use of precise scientific meteorological language – cold as fuck, but thanks to the wonders of layering and fleece and sherpa lining I was toasty warm the whole time.  As it turned out, the Laughing Man was actually more or less within walking distance of my hotel and the flat whites are totally delicious and not just because the guy making them looked like young John Cusack.  The opera was good – although not Rossini’s best by any means – but we were up in the gods and this is a situation where if you’re taking the trouble to go to The Metropolitan Opera to see gorgeous people singing gorgeously, you really don’t want to be up that high, so even if you have to spend twice as much for better tickets that’s what you should do.