para: walk with me

Walk With Me II

Sorry my friend, I’m no saint
but then I never claimed to be
I’m a stranger, I’m a child
I’m someone lost inside of me
still if you would walk with me awhile
I will gladly take your hand
and though I haven’t any answers
I’ll listen and try to understand
together we may find something good
even help to set each other free
so if you could, if you would
my friend won’t you walk with me 

anonymous asked:

idk if you guys do fic searches but.. i've been trying to find this yoonjin fic for the longest! i think it was a high school au? jin was popular and outgoing and yoongi was rlly shy. i think they also had a harry potter movie marathon? jin and yoongi would also walk home as well and yoongi had a kumamon charm. and i remember jin i believe head butting yoongi or something of the sort at the end? thank you!

This is definitely Walk with me!! Ahh I love this fic and I just reread it to make sure it really is that one so really thank you💓💓
-Admin Nana