para: time to collect

Time to Collect


It was a little weird to collect gold meant to buy her freedom now, but she had asked for it weeks before and now it was there, so she had to meet the sailors and proceed.
The Jolly’s crew was clearly amused by the fact that she had the same cheery attitude with the people she met at the docks, watching her play with the kids there, at least until the Navy ship arrived with gold and jewels worth a small fortune.
“I’ll go back to my kingdom when I’m done with my journey! My friend is an excellent captain and will bring me to King Thomas and Queen Ella’s kingdom… from there, I’ll write to my parents again. So please, let them know that I’m more than fine and in good company, Ronald,” she was telling to Captain Jameson, who had kept glancing at the other crew and in particular at Killian while she spoke, “It was nice to see you all! Return to my kingdom as fast as you can and tell them there is nothing to worry about!”
The few sailors were about to say the same and leave, but Captain Jameson seemed torn.
“Princess Emma,” he started, and the use of the title made her tense, since they had been on first name bases before, “Allow us to give you the passage you seek. That… that is a pirate ship…” the man took a few steps closer, “You can’t trust these men. If you are in danger, we can help, just say the word. And if not, you can’t go to another kingdom on board of such vessel, people will talk. I can’t in good conscience go back to your parents and tell them you are fine after abandoning you with them, they would want me to bring you home safely.”
Emma was speechless for once, anger rising before she could find a way to vocalize it, but so did incredulity over what she was hearing. There was so much she wanted to say and she didn’t even know where to start. 
“And I just said that I’m leaving with them,” she pointed out in a calm, but cold, voice that dared anyone to challenge her, “So I believe you should not give any unwanted advice to your future queen, especially if she hasn’t asked for your opinion on what she can or cannot do, Captain Jameson.” She paused, staring at him unblinkingly before giving a slight tilt of head as if to prompt him to speak; the man was staring back at her with wide eyes, realizing the tremendous mistake he had done, and flinched at that familiar gesture that they had all seen Snow White make when crossed. The other sailors were clearly lost, having only see her angry when in battle, yelling and fighting, not this. 
“My most sincere apologies, Princess-”
“It’s ‘Your Royal Highness Princess Emma’, Captain. And I want you to give your most sincere apologies to Captain Jones instead, whom you just offended, and then to his crew,” she interrupted him, eyes narrowing slightly the next second when the man didn’t immediately bowed, “After that, we’ll meet back in my throne room, when together with my parents we’ll speak about your inability to follow my direct orders right away, and how should that reflect on your rank,” her voice raised slightly at the last words, making the Navy men flinch again under her furious gaze. The man started apologizing to everyone, and Emma turned to look at Killian, waiting to hear if he accepted. He was about to get scolded regardless. “Captain Jones, do you and your crew accept this… man’s apology?” 

Time to Collect || misfitandmayhem

Holding the phone to his ear, Deacon listened as the other end ringer went off a few time. The vampire had been patient, and knew that Scud was working hard from the reports, so he didn’t bother to harass him. This one didn’t need coercion, which was a plus on account of, Frost didn’t have to think of him. Though, over the weeks, some interesting information had filtered his way. 

“Hello?” the voice was hesitant and scratchy at the other end. 

“It’s Deacon,” was the only provided response. Idly he wondered if it was Scud that picked up, or his apparent twin brother.