para: the delivery


Here’s my second assignment from Cyanide & Happiness.

Every shot 00:57 onward is what I animated.

Special Delivery | Vic & Theo

After an easy day in town, buying more plants, petting every dog and taking too many snapchats of flowers, Theo decided to go to a little coffee shop on the route back to the house. The place was nice and baristas were friendly enough for him to want to come back. Theo ordered himself a mocha then remembered a certain housemate- Vic. 

For some reason, he wanted to make a good impression on Vic. Even though we say some reason, it’s because he wanted to gain his friendship. He thought for a bit on which coffee is most commonly liked. Theo didn’t want to buy a coffee that he didn’t really enjoy. An Espresso? Cappuccino? ‘’A latte please with a little cup carrier too?’’

Once back at the house, Theo found Room one. Hoping that the coffee wasn’t lukewarm or stone cold, he knocked anxiously.


Special Delivery || Penelope and Noah

The sun had long since set as she made her way over the address that Noah had on the back of his card. She had managed to locate another gun along with the one he had asked for and she was sure that he would be interested in it. So she let him know that she was on her way over with some things that might interest him. She held the two boxes as she walked over the street, confident that no one would be stupid enough to actually both her. 

It was only 10 minutes after that her heels clacked up the stairs that lead to Noah’s place and she knocked on the door after shifting the boxes into one hand. “Special delivery,” she smirked as the door opened. 

Medicalese 101: Gs and Ps

G’s and P’s: An abbreviation of an abbreviation of a woman’s pregnancy history. I use the longer GTPAL system.

G stands for gravida, meaning the number of times a woman has been pregnant.

P (para) is the number of deliveries a woman has had. It is further split into TPAL.

T is for number of pregnancies that went to full term.

P is the number of preterm deliveries she had.

A (abortus) is the number of pregnancies she has had that did not result in live birth.

L is for the number of living children she has.

So, for example, a G5P3114 woman has been pregnant 5 times, had 4 live children, 3 of which were term births, 1 preterm birth, and 1 miscarriage/abortion.

The system gets more complicated when you factor in twins or deaths of children.   


The Delivery Animatic- Haylee Herrick