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Tolkien Family Trees ♦ The White Trees (literally trees)

Telperion, one of the Two Trees of Valinor, was sung into being by Yavanna. She made Galathilion in its likeness for the Elves of Tirion, who gave a seedling of their tree to the Elves of Tol Eressëa, and this became Celeborn. A seedling of Celeborn was gifted to the Dúnedain. It became Nimloth, the White Tree of Númenor, from which each White Tree of Gondor leading up to the one found by Aragorn was descended.

First Times are Awkward for Everyone

Paring: Klaine

Wordcount: 2,700

Summary: Kurt and Blaine are not sex-gods. Awkward first time bottm!Kurt sex with added hung!Blaine and our boys being idiots.

They are so totally ready. Like totally ready. They have lube and condoms and everything. They are definitely not scared at all because this is going to be awesome. Super awesome sex-god awesome. Totally.

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