para: talk things through

people need to start thinking about how their behavior affects others in a negative way

how things they say or act can actually hurt someone real bad

especially when it is so negative that the people affected (who in many cases have not done anything at all) starts believing that they’re not worth shit 

all because of jerks who do not know how to be a decent human being to anyone else but people just like themselves, actively isolating themselves from anyone else, and therefore minimizing the chance of any progress in relation to other people

many of the people on this site should try and just, you know, be nice, welcoming and educating? to everyone who has not tried to actively and personally offended you with the intent of hurting your feelings and being an asshole?

Talk Things Through II Closed

Bucky woke up more relaxed and well rested than he had in awhile. Kenzi’s place was…safe. Of course, every honed instinct in his body begged to differ knowing Faith, Fabian, or Winter could find him…assuming they were looking.

With a sigh, Bucky got out of bed. As he went to go search out breakfast, he recalled that he owed Kenzi a story. Great. Might as well get that out of the way. Though, technically nothing was stopping Bucky from lying except his own honesty and the fact that something told him that Kenzi would easily be able to suss out his lies. And not just because he was a terrible liar, but because she reminded him of Yasha in the way her eyes looked into your soul and saw what you were thinking.

He found her after a bit of wandering around the place, admiring it truly. She was alone which made Bucky believe that maybe he got up earlier than he thought, having not checked the time before he left his room. He hoped it wasn’t five in the morning or anything ridiculous like that. Hopefully people were just out and about and it was a reasonable nine or something.

“Good morning…what time is it?” he asked as he approached, as not to startle her. Sitting down across from her, he offered her a weary smile.