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The Meeting || @smolderishere

Rosie casually walked along the sidewalk, passing by park benches that were occupying the sidewalk. People surrounded her, dogs were parking, and it was the typical day in Central Park. Nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary. It was nearing two in the afternoon, and that’s when the park was at it’s busiest. Rosie’s lips turned into a smile as she pushed her way along the crowds of people, while keeping her eyes open for a Black Chevy Impal. Of course she was meeting someone here. She wouldn’t come to central park to just hangout all by herself. The suns rays shone down onto her face, and she adjusted the sunglasses that covered her eyes. As she did so, the familiar black car was seen out of the corner of her eye. Turning her head, she saw it. The Black Chevy Impal, parked and waiting. Smirking, Rosie began walking towards it. She stood by the passengers door, and leaned down so she was eye level with the window. Bringing her hand up, she lightly tapped her knuckles against the glass while smiling to the person inside. “Hello Ian”