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Me and @rubiarts did a collab based on supports where Nohr people talk about their childhoods! 

1: Silas and Corrin sneaking out of the castle

2: Camilla not being allowed to speak to Azura by her jealous mother.

3: Jakob, Felicia, and Corrin’s book club in the Northern Fortress.


I enjoyed making the Morgans so much for Heroes that I decided to continue making some more characters I hope will get into the game one day! This time I made Kaze and Silas from Fates because Corrin can never have enough retainers! True to their personalities, I decided to build their skillsets as more support-oriented:

Kaze’s weapon, the Needle Dagger+, is inspired in name and appearance by the very weapon named after him in Fates, Kaze’s Needle. They also share the exact same post-battle effect of buffing the Speed of nearby allies after Kaze engages in battle. Thus, the Needle Dagger is functionally identical to Sanaki’s Cymbeline; however, it buffs Speed instead of Attack. I also figured that his stats would be true to his growth rates in Fates, with sky-high Speed and Resistance to make up for his lower Attack and Defense stats. Therefore, I made his special Moonbow to compensate for his lower Attack and for its low charge time considering Kaze shouldn’t be in sustained combat for too long against non-mages anyway. Spur Speed for a C skill will stack with the Needle Dagger’s effects, allowing him to buff the Speed of his allies even further, and I thought Wings of Mercy would be a fitting B skill based on his personal skill in Fates, Miraculous Save.

Silas’ weapon is the Javelin+, inspired by the fact that he starts with a Javelin in his inventory in both the Birthright and Revelation routes and he is also depicted wielding one in the 4koma Fates artbook. Unlike all other lances in the game, the Javelin can only be used as a ranged attack on the player turn. It can, however, counter at point blank range, essentially giving the weapon a built-in Close Counter skill. As Close Counter is a widely desired and very strong skill AND because the Javelin+ would theoretically be inheritable, I thought to balance out its strengths with some weaknesses, most notably its low base Might for lances (only the Brave Lance+ is lower) and it harming the user’s Speed stat by 3, reducing the possibility of double attacks. His assist skill is Ardent Sacrifice, semi-inspired by his personal skill Vow of Friendship in Fates, which, like Ardent Sacrifice, only became useful when the HP of his allies (Corrin in Fates) was low. Finally, as I would imagine he would be a more defensive character, he comes equipped with Guard as a B skill to weaken enemy Specials and Ward Cavalry as a C skill to provide defensive buffs to his cavalry allies.

What do you think of these two? Would you be excited to summon either one of them?

Oh, and more characters will be on their way soon!