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Ayer nos vimos, lo primero que hice fue abrazarte porque te extrañaba, respondiste mi abrazo y me diste un beso en la frente, Dios, eso no lo esperaba y en ese instante se me olvido todo, se me olvido todos los problemas que nos separan, ese beso fue un beso de esos que te dicen “te quiero” sin decirlo, que dicen “te extraño” sin hablarlo y que dicen “te necesito” sin demostrarlo.
—  Diario
What the world sees

I want you to like me. 
So I am uploading a photograph onto Facebook. 
It doesn’t really look like me. 
After hours of editing & posing for the right angle.
But, this is my beauty, just an example. 
So get liking guys!
Admire my “beauty” with your eyes. 
The next thing I know;
I am making statuses just for show. 
Obsessively updating my page. 
No one knows what is going on in my head. Backstage. 

Every moment spent thinking of the perfect phrase to post. 
Another clever way to boast. 
Sometimes, I don't get enough likes. 
So I go on Facebook strikes. 
I feel kind of low when I don’t get my attention. 
It causes hypertension. 

My world is centered by how much you like me. 
My life meaning is based on those moments of glee.
I use social media to flee; 
From my deep depressive thoughts & to cover up my spots. 
When I could be spending that time healing. 
And I could just shake away this feeling. 
If only I used that time to develop some talent. 
Then perhaps, truly I’d be gallant. 

So maybe it’s time to log off. 
And maybe not post whenever I cough. 
Time needs to be spent on finding me. 
And I, need to stop thinking about what the world sees. 

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"Skinny girls can easily find clothes". No matter what size you are, everyone has a part of their body that is harder to find clothes for. Some skinny girls have really tiny boobs, and 90% of stores don't sell sizes under 32. Some skinny girls even have trouble fitting into size 0s. Some can't find into certain clothes because a part of their body is bigger than the other, and it's difficult to find a size that accentuates both parts. Everyone has clothing problems, not just big girls.