para: one fateful night

One Fateful Night

It’s chilly out,” Ritsu murmured to himself as he rubbed his hands together in front of him, his shoulders shaking lightly. He pulled his scarf up higher around his nose, he really should’ve worn gloves or something. The worst part about this cold night was that he missed the last train to go home, and now he had to walk like miles to get to his apartment. What a pain… It was already one in the morning, he definitely wasn’t going to get much sleep tonight. 

He sighed as he continued on his way, getting lost in his thoughts. He was supposed to finish editing that manuscript tonight, but he could put it off until tomorrow night, he always tended to work ahead all the time, but he needs his sleep. He hasn’t slept in three straight days. Who knew being a shoujo manga editor could be so much work? But, Ritsu liked his job. He was determined to prove to everyone that doubted him before, that he could be the best at his job.

Ritsu got so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice running into the back of someone else. He let out a gasp and fell back on his butt, letting out a small squeak of pain. He opened one eye and stammered, “A- ah, I- I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going,” he murmured and rubbed his hurt bum lightly, “Are you okay sir?