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Nurse Brittany || Brittana

Brittany’s scowl, worn firmly on her face all the way to the studio, was enough to dissuade anyone from getting near her.  It was bad enough that she’d asked Santana to come home and she hadn’t.  It was worse that she’d been snippy and mean about it on top of that.  And then, after everything, she’d ended up being so sick that Brittany had to go and get her anyway?  It was enough to make her want to scream.  Even Lizzie would have had more sense.  The longer the subway ride took, though, the more she let her frustration go.  It wouldn’t help - Santana was sick and grumpy, and both of them being grumpy would only turn things into a fight.  She didn’t want that, and so she’d just have to swallow her pride and go collect her lover - then take her home and look after her.

When the train ground to a halt, she was one of the first out the doors and up the stairs, looking around for the building - it seemed every time she came she ended up on a different side of the street.  It shouldn’t have been possible, but she kept managing it all the same.  "There,“ she murmured to herself, looking both ways and scooting across just before a car filled the space where she’d been.  The driver honked, but she paid no attention - it was New York, and people honked for every reason under the sun anyway.  Stepping inside, she let her eyes adjust to the dimmer lighting before heading for the reception desk and past, seeing Santana seated on a couch and Andrew standing nearby.  "Thanks,” she said to him first, putting a hand on his arm.  "I’m glad she’s got you looking out for her.“  Then she turned to the object of her quest.  "Come on, I’ll give you a hand up and we can go home.”


my take on what brittany might have been feeling/thinking during the hallway scene between her and mcandrew. for those few mcbritt shippers, i hope you like it :)

“I heard you and Dr. Grace got back together,” Brittany says in a fake cheerful voice as she and Adam walk down the hallway. His attention immediately shifts from the tablet with Jordi’s new scans to her, eyes slightly wide with surprise.

“Uh— I’m so sorry. I should have mentioned something first,” he manages to stutter. Brittany smiles, despite the pang of hurt that she feels at him not exactly denying the fact that he and Dr. Grace are back together.

“Why?” she wonders, because from their last talk about the two of them, he clearly told her to ‘get over it’ right? Why would he owe her an explanation? But she doesn’t say any of that. “I also heard that nurse Brumsfield’s pug has arthritis, so…” she awkwardly laughs in that happy way of hers. “This is a workplace. You hear all kinds of things. It’s no big deal.”

Even though it is.

Again, she gives him another opening to deny that he and Dr. Grace are back together. To offer her some type of comfort in knowing that she still has a chance… but he doesn’t. Part of her was expecting this to happen. She was never the girl that got chosen. She was the girl that someone ended up with by default. 

“Thank you,” he says sincerely, his dark brown eyes boring into hers. The same eyes that looked into hers the night that they slept together. The same eyes that sparked something inside of her that she hasn’t managed to extinguish. “I didn’t want things to be awkward with us.”

Britt nods. “Totally agree,” she laughs, but it sounds hollow. He doesn’t notice. “Awkward is the worst.”

They continue to stare at each other, ignoring the other nurses and doctors milling around the hallway they’re in. She sees something working behind his eyes. Doubt? Guilt? Either way, she can’t let herself think too much about it. It’s clear that he’s not choosing her. The faster she accepts that, the faster it’ll be for her to move on. And although she feels her heart has broken into shards that continue to stab at her, she smiles as she breaks eye contact first and walks away. She just about has a damn smile for everything.