para: katy

I never shared this photo because I had a belly full of fish tacos and tequila- but looking at it again, I love it. I remember feeling truly happy in this moment. Salty hair and a beautiful sunset on one of the most amazing beaches I’ve ever visited- just living and loving. 🌙✨ *** I didn’t mention being bloated so you ladies would compare your level of bloatedness. It was simply to make the point that I didn’t feel so hot in this photo- I didn’t feel I was at my best or that this was worthy of posting. Looking at it again a few months later, all I see is how happy I was in that moment. Maybe my point was that we should ALL be less critical of ourselves and of others? I’m not sure where I was going- but it wasn’t so you beauties would put yourselves down 😕🖤


Isn’t this already a reality series? 


“I’ll tell you the truth, is that I mean I’m a romantic, I kinda believe in this fairytail, I mean in some ways i think has been in my vagent because if you can believe in something great I think you can archive something great. I had that same belief system for everything, from my career to my personal life and I’ll do everything it takes to not fail, and I did everything it took but still failed. ”