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Hi, how about "I’ll Cover You" and missing scene, or whatrever you feel like it. I just love this fic!

I think a missing scene works pretty well here, or I guess a subsequent scene, mostly because I get a particular question a lot about this fic and I’d like to answer it! (I’ll Cover You

“I can’t believe you sang to me,” Killian murmured.

“Uh, you sang to me,” Emma reminded him.

“You sang first.”

“You wanted to sing first.”

“Stubborn lass, you are.”

“Oh, shut up and kiss me.”


She smirked before his lips were on hers again. God, he was a great kisser. She’d been denying herself this for how long? All because of a stupid policy?

No, it had been a good policy. And now she could keep it because, like she’d said, she couldn’t date customers if she was in a relationship already.

“Can you stay the night?” he asked. “It’s quite late.”

“Yeah, I can. Just let me call Mary Margaret.”

“Of course.”

She reached for her phone. “Oh, I missed a call from her.”

“Everything all right?”

“Yeah, hold on.” She’d texted Mary Margaret earlier to let her know where she was going, so there wasn’t any reason for her friend to be worried. So why had she left a voicemail? She quickly called. “Hey, Mary Margaret, is everything okay?”

“We lost!”

“What? Are you kidding? Hold on.” Shit. At least this would be a good opportunity for Killian to demonstrate that he could drop the competitive bullshit. She dropped the phone to her chest. “You guys fucking won.”

Killian’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. “Are you quite serious?”

“Well, we lost, so …”

He frowned. “Not that we weren’t excellent, but your band was a revelation tonight.”

“Clearly not.” She brought the phone back up to her ear. “Sorry, okay. Well, this sucks.”

“I know,” Mary Margaret replied. “But at least we came in second.”

“That’s good.” First would have been better, seeing as there wasn’t a second place prize.

“Yeah, Liam’s pretty pissed, although he’s just relieved that Jolly My Roger didn’t come in last.”

“Whoa, whoa, wait, who won?”

“You said we won,” Killian quietly reminded her.

“Band of Bookworms!” Mary Margaret exclaimed. “Weird, right?”

“Oh wow.”


“Anyway, we’re gonna get drunk. Liam invited us over; he apparently has a brand new handle of vodka he says we can help him with. Are you guys coming?”

“Uh, I think we’re good.”

“Ah, so should I expect to see you tomorrow morning?”

“You should.”


She ended the call and stared at Killian. “Band of Bookworms,” she said. He gave a low whistle. “Damn.”

“Well, I admit, I wasn’t paying any attention to their performance.”


“I was a bit distracted by the thought of a beautiful, talented blonde musician whose heart I hoped to capture using the power of song.”

She chuckled. “Did it work?”

He pulled her back down into his embrace. “You tell me.”

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So, in 2006, the original Broadway cast reunited for a one night performance to raise money for the JLPAF. This was my favourite moment in the whole damn production- these folks probably hadn’t played these roles in years, and this is how they pulled it off!

I'll Cover You (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

You stared at Draco, your boyfriend for a few years, as he stared intently at his homework. A look of confusion crossed his face. This surprised you. Usually he was good at everything but to see him struggle, now that was new.

You attempted to suppress a laugh that was attempting to escape your lips but failed miserably. He looked up at you, his look of confusion only seemed to get bigger as he starred at you.

“What’s so funny?”

Your smile only grew wider at his question. “Sorry. I couldn’t help it. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the great Draco Malfoy confused.”

He rolled his eyes but you could see his mouth twitch as if he were attempting to keep himself from smiling.

“You know, instead of laughing at my struggle, you could help me.”

You chuckled and answered quickly “ah! But that wouldn’t be any fun!”

He smiled slightly but a look of worry crossed his eyes for a split second. You stopped laughing and stared at him intently. Something was obviously wrong. He had been acting strangely for a while now. And you knew he was keeping something from you.

“Is something bothering you Draco?”

He looked up at you and saw your worried expression. How he wished he could tell you all his worries. You were always so considerate and he knew he could trust you but something was keeping him from mentioning it.

“I’m fine (f/n) I promise.”

That just made you more worried. You knew very well that he wasn’t fine.

“Well, you know you can trust me,right?”

He smiled weakly at you. “Yes, I know.” He stared into your (e/c) eyes. ‘I should say it. I mean she probably figured it out already. I mean, she should have known I would become a
Deatheater.'But he had to keep you safe and the only way to do that was to keep the information hidden from you.

“Well. Whatever it is you know I’ll cover you”

His eyes widened. He hadn’t expected you to trust him that much. You obviously knew he was hiding something.

“Really?” His mouth slowly began to form a smile.

“Of course! And Draco?


“Just pay me back with one thousand kisses.”

He smirked at began to lightly chuckle.

“Its a deal” and with those words he leaned forward to kiss you. Just like he had promised.