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deathbyglamour098  asked:

How would the other slashers (excluding bubba, he saw him already) react to maskless michael ?

Jason does not know this man but something seems familiar.

Meanwhile Freddy low-key insulting Michael. He was expecting him to be something zombie-like, was also low-key surprised how good he actually looks


So who agrees with me when I say that Michael is reallllly shy ( as shy as he can be ) the first time he’s doing it with his s/o. He certainly has watched a lot of people fuck in his life, he roughly knows how it works. Or… thinks he knows it. Probably knows nothing, nope. 

 He’s gonna be amazed. But you have to guide him first. Until then, the only time he touched women he… choked them to death and attempted to kill them. Meaning he’s rough and you gotta teach him how to touch you with care. He’s a quick learner though and pays attention to your facial expression and touches the whole time. Michael will know exactly what to do and where to do it quite soon. 

 Believe me when I say he is possessive - the thought that another man might see you like this is driving him crazy. He’s all the more protective of you now and follows you around like a shadow. Say goodbye to your privacy! You have no such thing anymore after you’ve shown him this much love and warmth. He would perceive you as very … vulnerable in this state. Just the fact that you took your clothes off to do this while he is still in his overall and STILL hesitant to take it off makes him vaguely understand how much you trust and love him. The thought of your love amazes, even intimidates him. He’s all yours. 

 The boy also can’t tear his eyes away from your body. He never paid attention to other women, not unless they were dead. And god, you feel so soft in his arms, and so warm. The thought of killing you is unbearable for him. As soon as he’s gained confidence however, he won’t hesitate to try things on you. Will probably choke you, playfully cut you with his knife, all these things. He’s so into you, and he can’t forget you showed him all this. As I said! He’s all yours, despite being dominant all the time.

I’m finally watching Halloween (about one holiday late) and I know having no motive is Michael’s whole thing, but between that, his weird strength and survival skills, and knowledge of things like how to drive a car when no one ever taught him, I think the only plausible explanation is that some kind of demon possessed the kid on the night of his sister’s murder.  The real Michael Meyers (or rather, his soul) has been dead ever since.  I’m not trying to write a whole new movie here, I’m just calling it like I see it.