para: coffee deprived

Point Blank Stares

I have so many things I want to talk about and there’s about a thousand lists in my mind that I want to write here. It’s almost a hazard to be left alone with my own thoughts. So. I’ll share a few:

Like how much I love that J. Co doughnut I just annihilated. I know now what they were talking about when they were talking about true love. And, nobody said trans fat could feel so good as they traverse through my physical self.

Like how I’m so sleepy right now because I’m tapering off my coffee and it’s not the time of the week to resort to Mountain Dew. Yet.

Like how I’m getting better with ironing my uniforms on my own. And the laundry. And the natural ability to feed myself. And cleaning and cleaning my surroundings– because this OCD has been getting worse since June.

Like how I can’t write about you. Because putting you down on paper would make you more real. And, I can’t deal with feelings right now when I have so much on my mind. Like, literally.

Like how– but isn’t it nice to have something/someone to look forward to every day? Aside from the learning, of course :)

Like how I don’t know what I’m doing here so I’ll go back to my books now.