para: catch ya later

thank u to everyone who has sent me kind messages im gonna properly reply to them a little later. im will be taking a break for a bit bc this is too overwhelming i did not expect this much backlash and hate. i have set up a queue for tomorrow and the next couple of days and i may be back online tomorrow maybe idk. i have never received this much hate before. night night 💕

catch ya later

is the (verbal) catcall i got from a passing car as i crossed the street today, seasoned with 3 very deliberate car-horn honks throughout the evening. i’m wearing a totally modest, baggy short sleeve shirt, and jeans - even though it was pretty scorching hot at the height of the afternoon, for what it has been lately.

i mean, i guess i can’t know for certain. but i’m pretty sure that the boy wasn’t calling out to the hacking male bike-rider next to me, and quite honestly, unless he goes to st. ed’s..i really doubt i’ll be catching him (or catching things from him, eek) later.


but on the better and happier note, i totally got what i needed (and as usual, a little more than what i needed..) and made it back in one very hungry piece. chocolate cadbury eggs should do the trick, and a new flowery umbrella, a weirdly cute cat belt, and a couple $2 dollar purses should only make things nicer. DINNER TIME

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i don’t know either.