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this is the most Good and Pure thing i have ever seen and i can’t stop watching it

Burn and Bloom Masterlist

Summary: Phil’s been hiding the fact that he’s an Earthbender for ten years, ever since it’s been considered illegal when the Fire Nation invaded. And, of course, the only solution to a random Fire Nation soldier seeing him earthbending is to kidnap him, right?

Word Count: 62k

TW: listed at the start of each chapter

Genre: Angst, fluff, and smut

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chapter one

chapter two

chapter three

chapter four

chapter five

chapter six

chapter seven

chapter eight

chapter nine

chapter ten

chapter eleven

chapter twelve

chapter thirteen

chapter fourteen

chapter fifteen

chapter sixteen


check out the art people have made for this fic! x  x  x  x  x  x

You like to go around with this “king of hell” attitude, but darling, every time you kiss me I swear I’m in heaven
—  You’re never gonna make it to hell if you kiss like an angel