para cord bracelet

I submitted a while back but I’ve been able to add a few pieces to my EDC.

Current EDC:

  • Field Notes [Drink Local Ales edition]
  • FN-19 Space Pen
  • Timex Camper
  • Leatherman Wave W/Sheath & Bit Kit
  • Ontario RAT 1
  • Handmade leather pouch
  • P3 Led Lenser
  • Cheap Rayovac as backup
  • P-38
  • Chapstick
  • Pill holder [fits perfectly in the small pocket of your britches]
  • Para cord bracelet
  • Pipe-tool w/ handmade holder
  • Chi-Rho Zippo
  • Big Ben Churchwarden

The Leatherman sheath carries my space pen, bit kit & P-38. And the pouch usually holds my backup light and phone.

Also, I checked out the Red Rock bag from your under $50 EDC list and chose to go with the Nomad Sling Bag. Thanks for directing me to their site.

Artemis: Very nice! There’s a lot of great stuff here. I’m also EDCing an Ontario RAT 1 at the moment. *fist bump* I’m so glad our EDC on a budget feature helped you find a cool brand! We like Red Rock a lot. Thanks for sharing!

Alright so we’re here again:
I would like to open an etsy shop called “Para-corps” that I would sell these DCI para cord bracelets in. They would go from $8-10+shipping depending on the bracelet. Would people buy these? Let me know your thoughts…again haha.
Pictured (top to bottom):
BD 2014
Santa Clara Vanguard 2014
Crossmen 2015
Spirit of Atlanta

Submitted by David M

External image

This is my minimal absolute everyday carry. After loosing my Serengetti drivers over the side of a ship and stepping on my Maui Jim’s I only invest in cheap UV protection. This picture neglects to include my Aeromatic 1912 Panzer wrist watch with NATO Strap. It’s out for a new battery.