Allydia || Rental 2/5 - 2/6

Allison was nearly bouncing off the walls as she waited for the guards to deliver her girl.  It was growing heart-wrenchingly difficult to let her go back to the pit, especially now that the broth being provided could actually kill her.  But Lydia was right.  They had to be strong, both of them, for just a little while longer.  Allison needed to let her be with Kira, and maybe with Alex, and put enough time between their rentals that they wouldn’t be too close.  For the night, though, she was focused on nothing but Lyda.  She’d donned her strap on already, waiting to satisfy the girl’s first request, and knew that they’d have fun with Kira as well.

When the knock sounded she almost called for Lydia to come in before remembering that the girl’s hands were bound behind her.  So she opened the door a crack, standing away so Lydia could enter.  She bounced on the balls of her feet, ready to tackle the redhead to the floor the moment the door closed behind her.

  • TAGGING: Marley Rose & Dani Cortez
  • TIMEFRAME: Thursday, February 4th
  • LOCATION: Dani’s loft.
  • SUMMARY: When Dani is tagged in a rather inappropriate video Marley isn’t pleased, she’s jealous and worried about how damaging the video can be to Dani’s future. When she goes to check on Dani, her girlfriend promises to make it up to her.

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Protective || Noah & Georgia

Noah woke up early in the morning which he did lately, why he didn´t know. Maybe because he slept too much before and now his body coulden´t deal with it and wanted to get going. He got up and grabbed his joggers and got into the kitchen and made himself ready. It was a good day, Georgia was here and Noah planned to spend the day with her not thinking about anything else than her. 

He managed to watch some TV and get a shower before he was settled to go get Georgia in her room. He wanted to take her ice skating now when they got a chance before it closed.  Walking up to her apartment he knocked on the door once or twice before leaning against the doorframe waiting for her.


It was like a dream. A strange, twisted, unrealistic dream. Abby found herself wandering around the heart of Florence aimlessly. Not knowing how she ended up there. She did the first thing she could think of; call Sam. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard his voice. It had been so long since she heard it. It was a short conversation, quick details of what was happening and that Sam had started drinking again. That’s when she decided she would find her way to their old shared apartment. 

The blonde searched the skyline for familiar landmarks and spotted the clocktower that meant she was somewhere in the middle of the city. She wandered a few blocks north and saw the familiar shape of the hospital, a place where she had spent far too many of her days. Abby knew from memory that their apartment was about half a mile north of the hospital; she started to walk with a purpose. Soon she broke into a sprint and a panic came over her, thinking that if she didn’t get to Sam soon that she would wake up from this dream. 

A few minutes later Abby turned the corner onto a side street and gazed up at the towering apartment complex before her. The adrenaline in her body forced her to bound up the flights of stares like her life depended on it. Her heart was pounding in her ears as she reached the familiar door she had walked in and out of for two years. The blonde stood for a moment, catching her breath, fighting back tears. What was going on? Her hand hovered over the door, hesitant to knock, thinking once she did she would wake up. After a few moments she forced herself to rasp a few times on the wooden door. Knock knock knock. Abby’s heart was beating out of her chest not knowing how she would react to Sam on the other side.

three cheers for five years || harry & louis


The sounds of his designer boots hitting the driveway of Louis’ humble abode were the only thing on Harry’s mind at the moment. He had been thoroughly drained of all the anxiety and restlessness on the-what felt like longer than usual-flight from Toronto back to LA and was currently in more of a relaxed state of mind, serene even. He had been on this property way more times than what could’ve been considered normal by this point-a whole five years making it easy to make any place your home-and that was further reflected as the younger singer let himself into the home with no warning, removing his shoes before letting out an “Oi!” Louis’ flirting had been completely left field for him, but the Brit was never one to decline the opportunity for an orgasm or at least a good snog, so he did far from decline. And his best friend’s confidence only riled him up, his own self curious to see how the power struggle would end up. Who’d come out on top. “Are you here? Have you been murdered?” He teased lightly as he then wandered into the living room once his boots had been removed. It had been a while since he had seen Louis, let alone hang out with him, so Harry was relived to know they’d be around each other for a weekend. “I brought my wife!” The tequila bottle was held firmly between his long fingers, getting drunk a must since it was a Friday night.


Heartache ✥ Derbel x Ahmiran


Derbel chegou ao festejo juntamente com o casal que a ajudara. A noite estava demasiadamente bonita na cidade de Corvis e faltava algumas horas para o eclipse das luas. Era perceptível a animação de todos, que se divertiam nas mais diversas atividades presentes ali. A ruiva estava surpresa por estarem tão calmos depois do caos que havia feito na noite anterior.

Não estava se sentindo confortável naquelas vestes, não é de seu costume usar tal peça, mas deveria esconder o incômodo e ser naquela noite a mulher que nunca fora. Separando-se dos seus acompanhantes, Derbel andava e observava atentamente o local, seu objetivo da noite era encontrar seus homens. Sua cabeça latejava de dor devido a todo trabalho mental que tivera realizando desde que saltou da “falecida” Mehezlis. “Onde estão esses trastes? Vilkas deve tê-los trazido para cá, ele é um rapaz sensato” pensava com certo desespero enquanto seus olhos corriam por todos os lados.

“O que?”. Teve a impressão de que avistara uma figura conhecida ao longe: uma pessoa que acreditou que nunca mais veria em sua vida. Seu coração congelou. “Não pode ser ele, não pode!” murmurou para si dando passos rápidos em direção àquele homem, necessitava certificar-se daquilo.

A ruiva estremeceu e sua respiração passou a falhar, uma péssima sensação tomou conta de seu corpo. Ahmiran Bourdekin, o homem que fora capaz de transformar sua vida levando-a ao céu e a jogando num inferno. Ele estava vendendo suas tralhas como sempre e seu negócio parecia funcionar por ali. O que deveria fazer? Falar com ele ou apenas ignorá-lo? Não sabia, mas tinha conhecimento que aquele poderia ser um momento único.

Depois de alguns minutos o encarando ao longe, decidiu se aproximar, afinal, estava irreconhecível, não é mesmo? Um nervosismo crescente surgia em seu peito, além de vontades paradoxas. Fingindo um sorriso dócil, observou e tocou em alguns dos produtos que estavam a venda com curiosidade — que nostalgia é essa?. “O senhor está vendendo belas peças”.


Four years, I’d waited four years for him to talk to me, I believed that he was the only one at school that really saw me, appreciated me for who I was, didn’t pretend like I didn’t exist after my brother died. Four years of spending it like a wallflower just for a diploma, just to spend another four at college for a career in medicine. And if today wasn’t the day that he didn’t talk to me, it wouldn’t even happen any other day anymore. I left graduation with a heavy heart, everyone seemed to know about his crush except for me and instead of chasing the man of my dreams to find out for myself, I was stuck with my parents tonight, as I would be all summer this year as I was last year and the year before that. Even my younger brother urged me into going out and living it up, my dad just wouldn’t let me out of his sight, he was more worried about my internship in two weeks than I was, it wasn’t even my decision to go to medical school, he wanted it for me and I just had to live up to his expectations.

I was dreading to go out for a fancy family dinner tonight, while everyone was celebrating their accomplishment at Jenni’s graduation party, I had to discuss my future. I climbed out of the car as we arrived at the restaurant, my yearbook slipping from my lap as I bent through my knees to pick it up, frowning when I noticed someone else doing the same. I looked up at this person from underneath my lashes when my hands touched his and immediately pulled them back to clutch my yearbook against my chest, smiling shyly when he looked at me directly, no one had ever looked at me like that before. “Evan, right? We went to school together.”

Daddy Daughter Day || Harry + Ellie

Ever since Harry had moved out, he had decided with his ex-wife that Wednesday’s would be his day to spend with Elliot. He knew that their youngest daughter was having a particularly hard time understanding him not living at home and he wanted a chance to spend special time with her. Since she was only in preschool twice a week, Wednesday’s became their day. Sometimes he would just bring her to his house to spend special time with him and Lou and other times, he would do something fun with her out of the house. He had just gotten to his old house and went upstairs to her room so that he can try to wake her up for the day. He went into he room and sat on the edge of her bed, his hand coming up to rub her back. “Ellie? Baby, it’s time to get up.”