Uwielbiam ten moment, kiedy kładziesz mi głowę na mojej klatce piersiowej i zasypiasz wsłuchując się w rytm bicia mojego serca. Uwielbiam ten moment, kiedy zasypiając nasze oddechy się jednoczą.
Uwielbiam ten moment, kiedy zasypiam i czuję na sobie twój zakochany wzrok.
Uwielbiam ten moment, kiedy po prostu jesteś.

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So hawkward || Saskia & Phoenix

It had been a weird week to say the least, and in a rehab center that was probably saying something. He had talked to a few of the people he needed to talk to and now he was messaging Saskia. The girl that had probably been the reason, and not in a bad way, that this all came up. After a few, quite awkward feeling, messages they agreed to meet in her room, which he was both happy and hesitant about.

It didn’t take long to be in front of her door. Sure, she told him it was unlocked, which was an invitation to walk in but he simply couldn’t, at least not without announcing he was there. After knocking twice on the door he opened it slightly and poked his head in. “Hi.” It was strange about to enter the room he had been in countless times but in such an awkward way.

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Jack wished he hadn’t spoken, first, wished he’d gotten a picture instead. Because…Gabe looked really, really hot in glasses.

“I, uh, like them on you. They make you look…um,” he couldn’t say ‘hot’, he can’t say ‘hot’, had to come up with something else, “…studious.”

He was an idiot. Gabriel was never going to let him see more of the glasses, now.

He arched a brow, a smile breaking as he let out an amused snort. “ ‘Studious.’ Ok. Thanks.” There was a slight inflection at the end of the word, as if he was a little unsure he did appreciate Jack’s comment on his glasses. He knew it was meant to be a compliment. But it was the first time his glasses had garnered him one that concluded with him being called ‘studious’. 

He turned his attention back to the monitor, signing off on Ana’s report. “Oh, did you need something?” He asked, remembering Jack had come in unannounced just moment ago.

Drunk || Jayden and Riley

A week later, Jayden’s injuries had started healing more, much to his relief. Now he was comfortable situated on his couch with a bottle of whiskey, waiting for Riley to show up. He still wasn’t sure if this was officially a date, but he supposed that it could possibly be one. Maybe?

He chugged back some more of the alcohol, already feeling a buzz. He had a test in his algebra class and, well, he was exhausted. He needed a distraction….