Par honapja sandor kibigyesztett az oreg kocsmajara egy ilyen neon feliratot, hogy open.

Azota igy hivjak a helyet a toszegiek, hogy open kocsma.

What is it with me and cross-over dreams?! I watch too much TV.

Parks and Rec crew went to Maine to scout out some new park area, accidentally finding Storybrooke smack dab in the middle of it which was totally not listed on the map, everyone freaked out because the OUAT crew was just blasting magic and fighting villains right out in the open. I don’t remember all the details, but I distinctly remember Andy thinking it was all some elaborate prank and just joining in without a second thought (finger gun “pew pew”s and everything). And April followed the Evil Queen around practically with hearts in her eyes. I wish I could remember more of it because I don’t even recall what CS and the Charmings were doing or if I even focused on them.

The missing Parks and Rec episode nobody asked for. lmao