Ancestral Clearing Session nr.2

I had today my second ancestral clearing session. I thought it would be on my father’s line, but just like the first time was still on my mothers line! When we were discussing we figured out I had the “saviour” pattern where I always try to save someone, especially my partner in my relationships. Unfortunately it feels quite suffocating to the other, something that i experience with my own mother as she tries to always “heal” me through feeding me. 

The session itself it’s a shamanic one which involves work with quias rocks, a method learned from the shamans in the Andes mountains. The shaman uses chants, energy healing, the rocks and anointment oil to perform the healing. I always feel strong heat from this shaman and during the session i get a variety of sensations; from heat and cold in the hands, up to shivering, “air bubbles” in the belly, pain that goes away in the body and feeling spirit touching. At the end we have discovered that the pattern that I carried was from a woman on our ancestral line from long long long time ago! No wonder as all the women in my family have this… my mother, grandmother, grand grandmother, aunt etc… 

I’m very grateful for today’s experience and I found it to be very very in tune with the energies of these months. Besides feeling light and much clearer after the session I even received a message from the guides - to go on a tran journey through the Altai mountains which are in Russia, Kazakstan, Mongolia… Something that I must say have been drawn to do for quite a while! I have always found myself attracted to shamanism in the Tuva region of Russia and Mongolia, so seems the Universe is indicating to me to finally prepare and take this trip. 

So if you have wanted to try some shamanism session but you’re too afraid, don’t be. It’s a beautiful journey that will only bring more peace and gifts!