Gundam Mahjong + Zeta Character Endings - Zeta Gundam (repost)

My terrible Japanese knowledge is very minimal so If you can get a really good hint on what happens on the endings from the pics or gameplay, feel free to edit

  • Kamille - Kamille rejects Fa to go build more Gunpla
  • Jerid - Jerid beats up Jamaican cause he wouldn’t give up the Gundam Mk II
  • Yazan - Don’t know the context but Yazan and Kamille beat up Jamaican
  • Char/Quattro - Quattro steals Haman’s Qubeley and tries to frame Scirocco
  • Haman - (lost data, so no concrete data available)
  • Scirocco - Scirocco and Quattro get rejected by Reccoa and Haman respectively as they were suspicious of their motives
  • Emma - Kamille falls for Emma after beating up Scirocco and Yazan, much to Henken’s heartbreak