Let's talk about Zeta Gundam

Vintage 1985 anime, same year I was born.  Second Gundam series

Just look at that pretty animation, giant robots and all.

Magical Girls?  We got one.

Tragic Love Story?  Yep got that too.

Villains?  We’ve got Evil Space Hyuuga who seduces people to his side with the power of his sexy eyes.

Humor?  Yeah this show is pretty funny, despite being an overall tragedy.

On the whole, I have to say that I love Zeta Gundam and I totally recommend it.

yury-gagarin  asked:

Hey, would you be able to do an analysis of Paptimous? I always found him to be an odd character. Not just because of all the inappropriate face touching, but also because he seems to be beyond everything that's taking place around him.

Sorry for the very late and delayed response…


I would say that Paptimus Scirroco is difficult to analyze as though he were like the other characters in the series is because he is such a conniving bastard; who as Kamille puts it in the last battle scene: “…thinks of war as a game” and as a result it’s impossible to analyze him like any other character in the show who are all emotional.

He’s quite simply a megalomaniacal-sociopathic player of power who is willing to use whatever means necessary to achieve the level of greatness he wants.

He aspires to be a sort of Universal Century era Caesar who sees himself as one that’ll be a major historical figure who will rule both Earth and Space (possibly with a female figurehead as he alludes to in conversations here and there with other Titans officers that are perplexed by him–yet drawn to his charisma and arrogance). 

But thanks to Kamille and how the Gryps Conflict works out he’ll probably only end up as a footnote in the grand scheme of Universal Century history.

Day 12- favorite scene

While my feelings on Zeta Gundam are mixed, to say the least, the climax of Zeta Gundam is probably my favorite final run of any Gundam series. It’s a fantastic way to end a series with an ensemble cast: an enormous three-way battle where everyone’s life is at stake. The fact that Tomino doesn’t pull any punches with regards to character vulnerability just makes it even more tense. Plus, the fight itself is pretty fantastic: the colony laser is a really cool environment. The fact that nearly every annoying character ends up dying, mostly at the hands of Yazan, just sweetens the deal. The ending itself is kind of a dud, but taken as a whole with ZZ Gundam, it’s not too bad.

scirocco is a pretty cool guy. he make giant psychic goasts and doesnt afraid of watermelon