Let's talk about Zeta Gundam

Vintage 1985 anime, same year I was born.  Second Gundam series

Just look at that pretty animation, giant robots and all.

Magical Girls?  We got one.

Tragic Love Story?  Yep got that too.

Villains?  We’ve got Evil Space Hyuuga who seduces people to his side with the power of his sexy eyes.

Humor?  Yeah this show is pretty funny, despite being an overall tragedy.

On the whole, I have to say that I love Zeta Gundam and I totally recommend it.


Gundam Mahjong + Zeta Character Endings - Zeta Gundam (repost)

My terrible Japanese knowledge is very minimal so If you can get a really good hint on what happens on the endings from the pics or gameplay, feel free to edit

  • Kamille - Kamille rejects Fa to go build more Gunpla
  • Jerid - Jerid beats up Jamaican cause he wouldn’t give up the Gundam Mk II
  • Yazan - Don’t know the context but Yazan and Kamille beat up Jamaican
  • Char/Quattro - Quattro steals Haman’s Qubeley and tries to frame Scirocco
  • Haman - (lost data, so no concrete data available)
  • Scirocco - Scirocco and Quattro get rejected by Reccoa and Haman respectively as they were suspicious of their motives
  • Emma - Kamille falls for Emma after beating up Scirocco and Yazan, much to Henken’s heartbreak