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The thing is, they ereased D and act as if the year long pap pics dont exist but they can easily say that its Fizzy instead of D in the pap pics and everyone will believe it especially since in Douis pap pics they have 0 chemistry and Louis looks the older brother who's forced to take his lil teenage sis out lol

fajagahssg stop


UNSPKN page 1

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

I wonder how long can i pull this off….

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Original fanfic - here

I’ll take capes and gloves over collars and virgin killing sweaters anyday, holy sin (♥﹏♥。)ノシ Not that I wouldn’t delight in collars and sexy sweaters, it’s just *swoons* capes tho.

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I know it's promo but he tweeted that at 10.30 pm UK time... it's pretty late to be ordering pizza. So I'm not saying he was jet lagged from coming from NY but I'm saying that. Boyfriends spent a few days in NY, Harry got papped to distract everyone while Louis also left NY and now they are cuddling in the UK 😊

this is all true and #confirmed by my insider 

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A Concept is roman!percy giving annabeth a little soft peck on the cheek/forehead/whtvr in public and it makes the paps and everyone else collapse in shock because. .....did he just smile......

Percy is very careful about his image and he’s not that big on PDA, so that probably wouldn’t happen. The paps would get, at most, his arm over her shoulders or maybe some handholding when they’re out and about. He’s a guy with a lot of enemies who wouldn’t mind putting him out of his misery or making him miserable by taking away someone he loves. (Hence, why he keeps such a distance from Sally.)

Percy knows Annabeth can take care of herself, but he’s not going to make the target on her back bigger by broadcasting how much he adores her to the world. For the general public, it’s better if people think they have a purely political relationship based on how much power than can give the other versus an actual romantic relationship. 

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Ficlet idea: Post-pacifist run, monsters living on the surface, Frisk living away from them but not too far (they stay in contact with Sans) but monsters start to go missing.

OKAY so i had a lot of ideas for this one but i also wanted to force myself to do something short since the other almost-done ficlet also ran over 1000 words, so here’s my least interesting idea. It’s probably not very clear, but i wrote it really quickly, trying to get something done before i’m out the door.

Words: 303

Warnings: Implied Character Death(s), bad time, soulless pacifist


been awhile, huh?

it’s funny… pap said your mailbox was full, what’d ya do, block him? or you clear it finally?



tori’s been askin about you. alphys too. undyne. asgore. everyone, really. pap’s doin a great job, by the way. thought you’d wanna know he says it’s great. seems real happy. so uh… don’t worry about not takin up the ambassadorship. can’t blame you. heck, asgore probably shouldn’a asked. you’re a kid. you deserve to be a kid.

but anyway, if you could call back, that’d be pretty great. it’d stop a lot of people from worryin.”


“i uh… i called your school. they say you ain’t been in for a week. your fosters are worried. hell, everyone’s worried. tori went out to look for ya. told her it was a mistake. but… god, kid, cmon. if you’re gonna do this y’ could at least just…

pap told me trusts you… and i’m gonna trust him. okay? so. yeah, sorry.


give tori a call, alright? let her know you’re safe. or at least unblock her. she thinks she did somethin wrong and we both know that ain’t true.

have a heart and call, kid.




you’re given pap a real headache, you know that? he hasn’t slept in two weeks. not that he was sleepin much before with the start of the disappearences but now that your face is all over the news and the queen’s gone too, he’s had to deal with the press. it sucks to watch.

gonna make you a deal.

you’re getting these messages. i know you are. you’re being sneaky with it cording to alphys, but you are turning on the phone. we know.

so, kid, i’ll meet ya at the mountain. guessin that’s what you want.

…seeya soon, frisk.


Altertale: Where "Gaster" Comes From

Very little is known for certain about Boss Skeleton monsters. Their names tended to be strange even for monster standards and based around how they spoke. Unarguably they were the most powerful monsters in the kingdom. They had very long life spans. How long exactly, no one really knew for certain but a skeleton had always ruled the monsters. It seemed as if one always would.

Well. At LEAST one. The current rulers of the monster kingdom were a pair of brothers from the Aster family. Papyrus, the youngest, took care of the day-to-day concerns of the population. Sans, the eldest, didn’t seem to do much in the public eye but in fact made certain that the kingdom ran smoothly. Despite their birth order, Sans decided against being called King when their parents stepped down from the throne, opting instead to let his brother have the title. They both ruled equally, despite the difference in age and title and the kingdom survived.

It came as much of a surprise to the brothers as it did to the rest of the kingdom when it was discovered that a new heir was going to arrive. While the two acted dignified about it in public, in private it was a whole other matter.

The room was very dark when Sans barged into it. He could vaguely spot his brother’s form underneath the comforter. Taking off the lens cap from the old video camera, he started recording as he shook Papyrus awake.


The taller skeleton grunted and rolled over. Undeterred, Sans grasped his brother’s humerus and shook him again.


“Sans I am trying to sleep,” Papyrus sat up, staring directly at his older brother. The very faint light coming from the smaller skeleton’s eye sockets traced out the blocky shape of the recording device. “…and is that a camera?”

“yes but that’s not important, listen to this: why don’t robots have any brothers?” There was a moment of silence.

“Are we really doing this, Sans?”

“c'mon, guess.” For the first time in many years, Papyrus detected a slight whine in his brother’s tone. He sighed, giving in as usual. Nothing could get him to enjoy whatever punchline Sans had in store, however.

“…Why do robots not have any brothers.”

“because all they have are tran-SISTERS.” Even in the dark, the grin on the smaller skeleton’s face could easily be seen. Papyrus rolled his eye sockets.

“Practicing for our new sibling, hm? You MUST be excited.”

Sans winked at his brother. “hey you never know, they might find my jokes humerus.” Papyrus groaned, but smiled as he did so. “so just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean you’re allowed tibia skull-king all the time.”

“Well it is QUITE late for THAT. Put a little more backbone into your jokes and maybe we will talk.” There was a long moment where the two of them didn’t say anything. This moment was completely ruined by Sans snorting and Papyrus chortling. The brothers laughed and laughed for several minutes. It was when they had calmed down that Sans finally remembered the camera that he had brought.

“Damn, it’s probably too dark to see anything.” He commented before shutting down the device.

The wait for their new sibling was altogether too long for either of their liking, but soon enough the new prince was welcomed into the skeleton brothers’ lives with open arms. Papyrus and Sans vowed to always care for their new brother and make certain that he would be happy. Their resolve to do so only increased when their parents fell down and turned to dust before the boy’s name could be discovered. Only very close friends of the royal family knew this, but Boss Skeleton Monsters were not named by their family. Instead, when they first learn to talk the young Boss’s initial speech pattern gives way to what their name will be.

As it turned out, Winding learned to talk fairly early. The only problem was that those who didn’t or couldn’t speak to the young prince on a regular basis found it very hard to understand him when he used his voice. A temporary solution was found by teaching the boy how to speak with hand signs, a method developed to help monsters who couldn’t speak communicate with others. In addition to teaching him how to sign, Sans took it upon himself to try to help his baby brother speak in “a clearer font” as he put it. Papyrus often joined in on the lessons, encouraging Winding all the while.

It was during one of these sessions that the boy wanted to try to speak without assistance. They met in the meager garden that resided within the castle. Flowers didn’t grow very easily underground, but the king and the older prince missed the surface and thought that having a garden would keep other monsters from missing it too badly. The middle brother had yet to join them due to a minor issue he had to take care of, but Papyrus had assured his little brother that he would return promptly.

The little skeleton was too impatient for that. He balled the ends of his oversized sweater into his hands and struggled to speak in the “font” that Sans taught him. “My n-name is W-w-win…"Seeing the distress on his brother’s face, the eldest brother tried to give him an out.

“hey buddy you don’t have to if you’re feel–” Sans was stopped by a scowl and a clear shut up gesture. He shrugged and let his baby brother continue. The little prince agonized over his own name for what felt like forever. The shapes that his mouth needed to take felt unnatural and too simple for his liking. He refused to give up, however.

Just when it seemed like yet another failed attempt, the boy managed to say what he wanted. “Windin G-gaster!” Winding smiled triumphantly while panting. It wasn’t perfect, but he had done it. He’d said his name! Sans blinked, his eye lights very small in their sockets. Seeing his brother’s face start to fall, he quickly responded.

“wow. that’s, that’s fantastic bro. great job.” He put a hand on top of Winding’s skull, his usual smile looking brighter than normal. The prince’s face mirrored his brother’s. “do you mind saying it again?” The little skeleton shoved his chest forward and spoke with more confidence.

“My name is W-windin Gaster.” There was a slight pause, followed by a snort. The little skeleton cocked his head in confusion. Sans covered his widening grin with a hand

“nothing, nothing…I just didn’t know you were so full of hot air, GAS-ter.” This was said with a wink. It didn’t take long for the boy to understand what his brother meant. Tiny magic bones materialized and threw themselves at the robe-clad skeleton. Sans laughed as they practically bounced off of him.

“Nooo!” That was one word the prince certainly could say without anyone misunderstanding him. Papyrus strolled into the garden at that moment. Sans waved him over.

“pap you’ve gotta hear this, it’s wonderful.”

“NO NO NO!” The little prince tried to cover up his oldest brother’s mouth to no avail. Soon enough the boy would be known to those he saw often as “Gaster.” He got used to the nickname eventually.


Okay this is mostly some of my headcanons about Altertale that I just had to make into something like a story. 

Hope you enjoy!