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I have nothing much to live for ever since I found my fame.”
“There are many strange people out there. I am cautious. I swim cautiously in new waters.“ 
“I have often thought [of disappearing], but I can’t. I’m famous.“
“I mean, I could just have been unpopular forever, that probably would have been a lot less tiring.” 
“When I walk outside, people have something to say about it.” 
“The thing about being up here is that people can follow you; it’s harder to just be. It’s harder to be an observer when people are watching you. You have to go further inside because the outside world becomes a harder place to draw from. “
2013 - Lana said that she was working on the music “until my record got leaked last week, ‘cause my life is like completely invaded. But yeah, I’m writing songs that I really like right now.”

So I know Stretch likes lollipops. Usually the Orange or Raspberry flavored ones. Not typically the soft sweet ones, but the ones that have a bit of bite. If without lollipops, he likes the Hersey’s Oreo chocolate bars!
Blue loves cotton candy! He loves the taste, the fluff, the look, the smell! All of it! If he doesn’t have any, he usually likes fruit flavored candies. Like gummy worms, or lollipops.
Sans likes chocolate. It’s not his favorite food, but he’s not much of a sweet eater. So chocolate suffices. Usually dark chocolate though. The less sugar, the better. But he doesn’t like fudge that much. Just like… 40 to 45% dark chocolate is good for him.
Papyrus LOVES chocolate too. But he likes the much lighter, sugary, milky chocolates. The less percentage of chocolate there is, the better. But he doesn’t like white chocolate. He doesn’t like the after taste.
Boss likes Cinnamon Drops. ‘Nuff said.
Red likes chocolate covered cherries. If you can’t find those, you should get him Twizzlers. He appreciate their existence.
Puppy prefers energy drinks. They don’t affect him much. Caffeine doesn’t do much for him, and he’s not a coffee drinker. If anything, it makes him tired. So just get him a Monster.
Raspberry likes cereal bars. Every cereal bar you can come up with. As long as none of them contain mint. He hates mint.