Well I haven’t read extensively, but I can believe that you’re an INTJ :)
My flatmate (who has a behavioural science degree) informed me that the little tests you do on the internet aren’t the real Myers-Briggs Test, and the actual test is pretty well-guarded so it doesn’t lose it’s accuracy, which is pretty logical I guess.

Half the time the descriptions of the types seem a bit like reading a more accurate horoscope. If I’m going to describe myself succinctly to people I’m going to use MBTI over horoscope any day though :P

INTJ is the one of the four IN types that I'm furthest from if I look at percentages. INTP and INFP are very very close though.

pappubahry said: I’m confused.

I don’t blame you, who knew editing a post on your phone would cause a wall of text. Makes it pretty easy to ignore. But I see my point needed some clarification so I’ve gone back and edited it!

This original content lark isn’t getting off to the best start…