[ANNOUNCEMENT] Mamamoo Trans 2 Youtube Channel Has Been Terminated

Hello, everyone.

As MMMTrans2 has been terminated, we have created MMMTrans3 where we will upload any FUTURE videos that are suitable for Youtube.

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We will NOT be re-uploading any older videos onto Youtube. In times like these it is great that we have our index which has alternative links for every video.

Mamamoo Trans Video Index:

Because it seems every YT channel we create will eventually be terminated for copyright reasons, we have decided that we will allow others to re-upload any videos to YT we haven’t uploaded ourselves on MMMTrans3.

All we ask is that you leave our credits/logo on the video and if you want to be really cool, link our video index in the description so people can find all our other subbed MMM videos.

We think this is the best way to keep MMM subbed content on Youtube.

Thank you!

Mamamoo Trans Owner/Cooridnator

trei sticle de cuvinte

două sfaturi de părinte

un om ce să m-alinte

niciun om ce nu mă minte

cazat în trei morminte

pun țigarea-n gură și mi-aduc aminte

cu mâilnile împreunate, spun trei rugăciuni

din cele menționate, patru sunt minciuni

mâinile-nsemnate, îmi sunt confesiuni

căit de păcate, trăiesc din ficțiuni

cu mâna dreaptă am scris o poveste

cu mâna stângă continui să scriu teste

ai vrut să mă-nveți să trec peste

acum îmbrățișează ceea ce nu este.

Honestly I just…..really want Gail to write a trans character that addresses trans and gender issues in stuff so that her readers might actually possibly understand that GENDER =/= SEX and not all men have penises and not all women have vagina and that some women don’t have periods and that some men do have periods and that’s OKAY because GENDER =/= SEX 

Come through for me, Gail, please 


Necropolis of Montessu, Sardinia

The necropolis is located on the southern side of the hill of Sa Pranedda, near Villaperuccio. Set within a large natural amphitheater, it has about forty domus de janas (pre-Nuragic chamber tombs) and is one of the largest and most important archaeological sites of Sardinia. The site dates back to the pre-Nuragic period (3rd millennium BC) and it was in use for a millennium by the peoples of the Ozieri, Abealzu-Filigosa, Monte Claro, Bell Beaker and Bonnanaro cultures.