“Papook and the King of Palat” a fairytale by Ellie Perla

Papook, the palace tea boy, has a troublesome habit of wandering off and hiding in all the wrong places.  When a bad turn finds him in the balcony of the courtroom, pretending to advise the king as the ‘Spirit of the Law’, his problems really start.  Luckily Old Ayo is always nearby to help with a wise solution.  But when the king’s palace is in real danger, will Papook’s audacious behavior turn out to be a burden or a blessing?  


Ellie Perla, on writing children’s books as an artist: “The driving force behind my art is my love for beauty, cultural awareness, and harmony.  My books are a natural extension of this philosophy.  Intended to be experienced with a parent, they teach a very young generation of readers life-altering values and a non-violent way of life.”


Elinor E. Perla lives and works in Miami, Florida.  Ellie is the author and illustrator of several children’s books.  She is also an artist in residence at ATELIER 1022 in Miami’s Wynwood Art District, and an avid photographer.

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