There are at least 60 ways to say that a plant is not smooth, that it has fuzz, hair, prickles, or roughness of some sort: aculeate, aculeolate, asperous, bristly, bullate, canescent, chaffy, ciliate, ciliolate, coriaceous, corrugated, downy, echinate, floccose, flocculent, glandular, glanduliferous, glumaceous, glutinous, hairy, hispid, hispidulous, hirsute, hirsutulous, hirtellous, hoary, lanate, lepidote, nodose, paleaceous, pannose, papillose, penicillate, pilose, pilosulous, prickly, puberulent, puberulous, pubescent, rugose, scabridulous, scabrous, sericeous, setiferous, setose, setulous, spinous, spinulose, strigose, strigulose, tomentose, tomentulose, velutinous, velvety, verrucose, verruculose, villose, villosulous, villous, viscid, and woolly
—  Roger Tory Peterson, A field Guide to Wildflowers