Today’s winner: physics.

I think it’s time to retire the ‘stares into the camera’ gag for a while, so I figured I’d end with a good one!

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Rewatched Road to El dorado and I have to say I love this movie and the relationship between Tulio and Miguel XD Miguel is my husbando XDDDD It is so fitting since Chat is like a little child like Miguel and Ladybug more serious like Tulio XD

Youtube version with origial voices:

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“ Miraculous Ladybug AU where everything is the same except the connection between the akuma and Hawkmoth is all broken up”



p>The idea was of @the-ech-bird I’ve just put my drawings on this wonderful post:

Theory Time!

Okay. We know that the butterfly miraculous is with Hawkmoth (*cough*Gabriel*cough*) and that Fu has the turtle miraculous.
But the peacock miraculous is missing as well; so someone has it.

From the latest episode, it seems pretty clear that Mama Agreste was the Peacock Miraculous holder.

Fu had previously said that he had made a mistake once in his life.

What if the mistake he made had to do with the reason why Mrs. Agreste is missing/dead?
He most likely gave her the peacock miraculous, and after her (most likely) death, maybe he decided to hold on to the rest of the miraculous?

And then there’s Gabriel.
It’s pretty obvious that he’s Hawkmoth…

So, what if he wants the power of creation and destruction…

…just to bring back his wife?