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Okay, So Like...

Doing another Pacifist Run and there was no way I was not going to call Pap in every room, but then…

Uhh, “jump”?

How dafuq could he possibly-



If Sans can call his weird physics-breaking abilities “Shortcuts” then I’m calling Pap’s “Jumps”, I don’t care if not all of them technically involve jumping!

…I need to go to bed, I’m looking WAY too much into this

But, hey, headcanons!

I mean, I’m pretty sure Undyne says something similar for one of the seed bridge puzzles, but I’m also preeety sure the jump wouldn’t be as big? I dunno if anyone has a screenshot of that call?

Edit: Okay, so I am a dingus who should not be allowed to post at 3am and apparently missed the fact that, as some people have pointed out, Papyrus says the gap is what he jumps over, which…

Okay, yeah, an adult would totally be able to make that jump, heck, a kid might be able to, okay fair enough…

But I still think my headcanon could hold some water-

Wait, hear me out!!

When I realised I made a mistake, I was like “Whoops, okay, fair enough”, but because I’m annoyingly obsessive, I thought about it a little and something occurred to me…

Okay, so there’s a couple of things that can be inferred from Pap’s speech in this screenshot.

Now obviously in the game you don’t have to redo the puzzles when backtracking since it would be annoying af to have to redo them every time you want to go back somewhere. So when playing, I kinda considered this a bit of a Story-Gameplay Segregation as I don’t think an explanation is given as to why the puzzles remain solved (not counting Geno Runs as there is an in-universe explanation for the puzzles being done there in the form of Your Best Friend), although please correct me if I’m wrong.

However, Papyrus makes it clear here that the puzzles DO reset after some time and that the Monsters themselves have to solve them to get past, he also specifies that he jumps instead of solving it. So maybe they reset after a certain amount of time (though that would kinda render them pointless since they’re supposed to stop humans, but well, Monsters don’t exactly seem to know much about humans anyway)?

And obviously, Pap clearly states that he has to jump over the gap, that there is no hidden switch for solving this puzzle.

However consider this; this only really works if we assume he is coming FROM Snowdin TOWARDS the Ruins. If he jumps the gap then, he doesn’t need to solve the puzzle as it would be redundant (although he’d still most likely fall down onto the bottom platform as you can only slide across the middle and hit the button, but I’m about to get to that).

So what if we assume Papyrus is coming FROM the Ruins TOWARDS Snowdin?

Well, obviously if you haven’t solved this puzzle and you hit the switch or try to go around the sides, you’ll fall onto the platform below. As the screenshot above shows, the only way to get to the ledge that Papyrus jumps across is to go through the middle, you can’t reach it by going around the sides. And if you go through the middle, you’ll hit the button and it’ll just be a vicious cycle from there…

So to get to the point of my inane rambling; if Papyrus is coming from the direction of the Ruins, there is no way he could even reach the gap without first solving the puzzle as he would keep falling onto the platform below (and probs destroy his Snow-Papyrus in the process, God forbid!) but his phonecall makes it clear that he does NOT solve the puzzle.

Therefore, one could still argue that he could give the laws of physics a big ol’ “Fuck You” and jump across the whole thing!

Haha, yeah, I‘m totally not thinking too much about something that’s probably in reality nothing more than a Willing-Suspension-of-Disbelief moment.

I hope I’m being at least somewhat coherent here, I have a tendency to ramble.

But, hey, it’s possible I’ve just misinterpreted something again.

Probable even.

But, meh, I like my little headcanon.

Also, there’s soo many kids and teens in Snowdin and there’s a freakin’ ledge they could fall down right near the town, like Jesus Christ! I know there are other dangerous puzzles in the Underground, but at most those ones will just knock off a couple of HP, not sure the same can be said if you fall down a cliff! And it’s not like Papyrus just painted this one if he needs to jump over it.

Edit Numero Duo: I originally reblogged from myself to add my second argument and amendments to this, but since the original ended up getting more notes than I expected, I decided I should do what I should have done originally and just edit the original since I’d rather people see the whole thing.

There is a reason my blog’s title is “Lily has no idea what she’s doing”.

Also will my freakin’ grammar app stop flagging up the way I spell “realised”? I’m British, that’s how I spell it dammit!