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So like I kind of have a question/statement. So the first Avengers movie was set in 2012, right? Like the actual time. Like the Chitauri invasion happened in 2012 in New York? So like, (spoiler for those who haven’t seen homecoming yet, like kind of a spoiler.) if the Vulture stole weapons from the Chitauri weapons from the wreckage IN 2012 (2012), when’s homecoming set in? Like what year is Spider-Man: Homecoming set in? Like after they find one of the alien weapons and stuff and is all like ‘the world is changing boys, time we change too’, it says 8 years later. 8 YEARS. Which would mean Spider-Man: Homecoming is set in 2020… right? And it’s set only two months after the whole battle between Cap and Tony (Civil War). So was Civil War set in 2019/2020? Like does that also mean Peter was born in 2005 because he clearly states to Tony that he’s 15 YEARS OLD because Tony was going on about he shouldn’t have let some 14 year old do the job and Peter then corrected him. Like are you guys confused too? I literally want an explanation. Like are the rest of the movies set in the future? I know for a fact that the Avengers was set in 2012 because when Captain America wakes up in the first Captain America (The First Avenger), Nick Fury clearly states that he’s now in New York City, 2011 and the Avengers happened not too long after it. So like, where did the time/year change? Comment what y'all think.

I think his reputation is way too negative. A lot of people think he’s crazy, but it’s just not true. He’s a super quiet guy, never bothers anybody. He could be a great striker because he’s young, he’s got what it takes and he’s played in several big clubs… It hasn’t gone well for him here. He had a rough time scoring. He told me: “This has never happened to me before.” It’s normal that when a striker doesn’t score it weighs down on him. If he leaves Liverpool, I wish him all the best because he’s a great guy.

Alberto Moreno expertly shutting down Marca’s Balotelli bait.