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Make Me Cry//(N.M)

(Pretend you wrote the lyrics Make Me Cry by: Noah Cyrus. And are famous singer preforming the song. Song is on the top so you can listen to it when the time comes) P.S. Sorry for any spelling mistakes you may find in this imagine, ENJOY! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Y/N’s POV* I cry myself to sleep every time I get in to a fight with my boyfriend. The one and only Nate Maloley. Rapper. Every since he had his big break through in the music industry less time there is for me. I helped him in some ways singing as I was a singer in the music industry. 3 years we’ve been together. I feel like I’m letting myself break by being with him. I wrote a song along with the Labrinth. Interviews are being set up by our managers to promote the new music festival in L.A. Our new song will be preformed there before being released anywhere else. We’ve teased a few photos of us in the studio. We’ve become great friends and that was part of why me and Mate got in a fight. Working with a male singer in my songs is always important. It brings another perspective into my music and the message I hope to get across. *Late Late show with James Gordon interview* I’m nervous, for this song it could be a major success or a total failure. Labrinth is watching the screens back stage. I take deep breaths as I hear James introduce us. “Today we have a two special guests. Y/N is releasing  her newest album ‘Strength’ at the Inspiring Music Festival. Her last to albums 'Devotions’ and 'Ivory’ have made it platinum. All topping in the charts in few hours. Her music staying at number 1 for weeks. Let’s give it up for Y/N and her collab partner Labrinth” James announces. We walk on stage with smiles waving to the crowd. I shake James hand and give him a hug. Labrinth does the same as we take a seat next to James. “How are you to doing?” He asks us. “We are doing great” I reply. “So you guys have been collabing a lot for your last few albums?” “Yes, we have Y/N is a wonderful person to work with. Always a delight to have in the studio” Labrinth says as I smile. “What I’m hearing is chemistry is being made in the studio, right? Y/N” James says laughing and gazing between Labrinth and I. We both look at a each other and laugh. “No, just great friends working together.” I respond back the interview continues for a while. “Well it is always great talking to you both. Can’t wait for tomorrow when the song releases. You guys are even keeping the title a secret why?” “Adds more to the mystery, right?” I ask the crowd who in turn clap. The interview ends right after that. Labrinth and I head to our perspective hotel rooms and get a nice sleep before tomorrow. *tomrrow* I wake up and rush downstairs to the lobby where Labrinth is at already. We get into the car driving us to the festival. We are ushered into a building where I will have make up done and changed into an outfit. “Now we have the collar of the year once again. Performing their new song, here is Y/N and Labrinth” one of the girls says. The crowd claps and shouts as walk onto the stage. “How’s every one doing today?” We day into our microphones. We receive responses a varying from excitement to positive shouts. “Well today we will be preforming a new song not out yet. Make Me Cry” I say and get put the microphone into the stand. The music starts indicating my versus is up next. I take a deep breath before starting. (Play song) (Y/N) I never needed you like I do right now I never needed you like I do right now (Labrinth) I never hated you like I do right now (Both Y/N and Labrinth) 'Cause all you ever do is make me… (Y/N) Gave you up 'bout 21 times (Labrinth) Felt those lips, tell me 21 lies, yeah (Y/N) You’ll be the death of me (Labrinth) Sage advice (Both Y/N and Labrinth) Love-lovin’ you could make Jesus cry (Y/N) When I hear you’re sayin’ “Darling, Your kiss is like an antidote.” (Labrinth) I’m fightin’ like I’m Ali, But you got me on the ropes (Both Y/N and Labrinth) I never needed you like I do right now I never needed you like I do right now I never hated you like I do right now 'Cause all you ever do is make me… (Y/N) Couldn’t hear the thunder (Both Y/n and Labrinth) But I heard your heart race (Y/N) Couldn’t see the rain (Labrinth) We’re too busy makin’ hurricanes, yeah (Y/N) Love ain’t easy when it ain’t my way (Both Y/N and Labrinth) But it gets hard, when you ain’t here makin’ me crazy (Labrinth) Baby, say the word, darlin’ You know just how to hold the sucker down (Y/N) So I see you in the morning I can’t watch you walk out (Both Y/N and Labrinth) I never needed you like I do right now I never needed you like I do right now I never hated you like I do right now 'Cause all you ever do is make me… (Labrinth) Cry (Both Y/N and Labrinth) Cry Cry (Y/N) Hear the thunder See the rain (Labrinth) Yeah (Y/N) Keep on makin’ me cry (Labrinth) Yeah (Y/N) Hey, hey, yeah (Labrinth) Keep makin’ me scream and holler (Y/N) Keep on makin’ me cry (Labrinth) You don’t know what you’re doin’ to me (Both Y/N and Labrinth) Hey, hey, yeah Yeah (Both Y/N and Labrinth) I never needed you like I do right now I never needed you like I do right now I never hated you like I do right now 'Cause all you ever do is make me By the end of the performance I’m crying. We hug and thank the crowd. I scan the crowd and see some people crying. I walk back stage and see Nate standing there with his friends. Johnson, Swazz, Gilinsky, Kyle Massey, Hayes and Nash Grier, and Sammy. I say hi to all of them before I get to Nate. “I love that song, baby, I’m sorry for overreacting” Nate tells me giving a hug and peck on the lips. He smells like Chanel perfume. Something that I don’t use. His shirt is wrinkled, hair is messy, and a prominent hickey on his neck. I push him away as tears fall down my face. “Where were you?” I ask already knowing the dreadful answer. “Getting ready to see you perform” he says rolling his eyes like he does when I ask him this. “Sure, because you didn’t clean up to well after you spent the night with another girl” I tell him as the boys get quiet and hear our conversation. “What are you talking about?” He says “Your shirt has wrinkles and for a matter of fact that’s the one you wore yesterday when you dropped me off at my interview. The same one you said you couldn’t attend because you were to busy. Now I know busy means sleeping with another girl another one night stand for you” I tell the boys have wide eyes right now. Nate stares at me speechless. “Y/N…, baby,” he starts but I don’t let him finish. “I’m done crying over a cheater. I found out months ago, but I wanted you to stop. I didn’t want to believe you were going back to your old habits. 3 years of my life down the drain over an asshole like you” I finish off and feel a presence behind which I learn that it is Labrinth. “Don’t say that.” He tells me a tear falling from his eyes. “Say what it’s the truth I could have spared myself the heart break along time ago. I’m done letting you make me cry. Good bye Nate” I tell as I walk away and Labrinth stays behind making sure he doesn’t follow me. “Oh and 'Make Me Cry’ is about you and all the times you came home late smelling like another girl” I yell at him while walking into the arms of my manager. She is like a second mom to me. I have told her what’s been happening and she hates Nate’s for making me cry. In the distance I hear the boys telling Nate off. I hear him repeat the words 'I know’ and 'I screwed up’ at least he takes fault for his actions. He made me cry and I’m done crying.

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