Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Masterpost - COMPLETE

I’m going to go ahead and make this now since I know for a fact that there are eventually going to be more than 20 comics for this series (and this way, I have less links to go and change :x)

If you’d like to read all the comics in the order they were posted, click here! If you’re looking for a specific comic, the links below may help!

These comics are COMPLETE! I won’t be making any more in this series :>

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Eridan- Admiral Bobbery, the man who lost his love to the sea
Tavros- Koops the timid kid who wants to show the world his confidence
Vriska- Cortez, i dont need to explain this
Terezi- Goomblella, she can tattle on you, she smells all the lies
Kanaya- Watt, the living night light
Equius- Lady bow, Bootler i require a towel; that highblood is eating the native species
Gamzee- Tubba Blubba or doopliss’ parrot, for some reason i could see gamzee eating people out of rage and that parrot always looked stoned to me
Feferi- Sushie, Glub Glub Glub
Karkat- Bombette, such a hot head
Aradia- Kooper, lets dig up dead stuff
Nepeta- a kitty boo just because

Sollux- Cursed treasure chest, he would make them so much more annoying

John- flurrie or any wind spirit, 

Jade- Mz. Mowz because i always make her a mouse no matter what AU it is

Rose- Peach/The shadow Queen after it inhales peach, the shadow posses her and she goes fucking grimdark

Dave- Lakitu, cause i thought dave would actually be a godhead that way

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