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HIIII!! It’s your birthday right?


-enter truckloads of confetti here- I hope you’ve had a good day!

I don’t know know whether you were going to get/got a Shinee ticket though D;





We all know I’m not good at words and stuff. And feelings. Not sure how to properly go about those either without going off on a million-miles-long tangent. So I’m going to leave the elegant paragraphs about how SHINee are the best and how proud I am of them and how they’ve pretty much made my life so much better to the people who have the brain power for that.

I just wanted to… I guess I kind of wanted to indirectly say thank you to them. If it weren’t for SHINee I’d have this blank empty space in my life–that I wouldn’t be quite aware of but it would still be there nonetheless–where I have a truckload of friends now.

I want to say thank you especially for SPARKLee: Jen Jen, Rae, Amie, Nikki. Four friends who I got to meet in real life the day SHINee made history and became the first Asian artists to perform at Abbey Road Studios. Most amazing day of my life but omg let’s not even go into that or I’ll be here forever rambling again oh look I’m doing it now no stop Jennifer stop. They’re the ones I get to meet up with most often out of all the friends I’ve made because of this stupid bloody band, and I just love them to bits and I don’t know what I’d do without them anymore. I mean, god, look, we’re the English female parody of SHINee now ^^;;;

And then there’s the other lot who I got to meet that day too, but who live too far south to see–Fi, Jasmin, Molly, Kim, Mia, probably-forgetting-people-and-I’ll-feel-really-bad-and-this-is-why-I-shouldn’t-name-people-explicitly.

And there’s the other other little group who I always bunch together in my head I guess because I met two of you through the one who I didn’t actually meet because of SHINee but because of the GazettE–Jade. So, Laura who Jade introduced me to and made it possible for me to get to Paris for SMTown, and Luke who went to SMTown with Jade and I met after the concert.

And theeeeeeeeeen, there’s everyone here on tumblr who I talk to on a regular basis (well you know, regular for me ^^;) who I consider as really good friends. I’m not going to mention any names here because oh my goodness there are so many of you I’d be here 5eva and I have work in the morning. But you hopefully all know who you are. Even if we maybe don’t speak that regularly at all, or we only exchange a few words here and there, if we comfortably follow each other then know I probably consider you a friend (’:

So yes… thank you to five talented, unreachable Korean boys for filling my life not only with music that I love, but with irreplaceable friends. I wouldn’t change any of this for the world.

Had an amaaaaaazing birthday with my SPARKLee girls!!

Jen Jen, Rae, Amie, Nikki, thank you for coming and thank you for being awesome and lovely and making my birthday perfect. I love you all to bits, and so does my mum haha (’: and my cat, which is not a frequent occurance o.o

SHINee playing in the Japanese restaurant while we were there was most definitely fate! :D


Gah they’re so cute, I can’t! I ended up getting light purple elastic bands on my brackets instead of the blue I was planning on. It just stole my heart when I saw it. And I’m sorry, I can’t actually smile that big without splitting my face in half. My mouth just isn’t that big ^^;;;

Mum knocked my Jjongderp card from Rae off the desk after we'd finished spazzing over SHINee, and I went 'as if you just knocked the best card I've ever had in my life to the floor! I mean look at his beautiful face.'

And she did look.

And she laughed for a good five minutes.