papershark-blog  asked:

n, o!

n: 5 turn offs
- belittling attitude
- unwilling to take constructive criticism
- being too touchy-feely with me or any of my friends if we barely know you
- certain low rumbley voices that fall past the ‘dark velvet chocolate’ mark and into the 'towed behind a truck on a gravel road’ because it literally will resonate in my chest and drive me up the wall enough to consider pitching the source out a window… >_>
- major deal breaker: breaking promises. multiple times. I will always give people chances, but when push comes to shove, I WILL make your life a living hell.

o: 5 turn ons
+ nerd humour that makes me laugh (which is really stupidly easy sometimes)
+ beautiful smiles
+ willing to dress snazzy and/or cosplay. yes. this is a thing.
+ is passionate about something. extra points if it’s something we share in common.
+ If you can sing. at least on pitch. i will never understand people who cannot sing on pitch. extra points if you are willing to duet with me. even more extra points if you can sing well.

+bonus: if you are a dorkwad by day, and a badass by night, AKA any dorky hero archtype that is cute as a teddy bear normally, but is fierce when you need to be.

(How did this take me half an hour?!? Is it terrible that I found these two to be ridiculously difficult? I never actually think about these things! wot D: )