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‘Double Black’ and ‘Sheep Song’

I really feel the need to appreciate how the creators of ‘Bungou Stray Dogs’ have used the poetry/prose of the respective authors to influence their ability. Some high quality analysis must have been put in to create and translate this onto paper. Please forgive this rant, I’m an English student and can’t help it…

The character of Chuuya has a chant that comes from Nakahara’s ‘Sheep Song’, everyone knows that, but the rest of the poem almost describes the effect of corruption after it has been nullified. For example, when we know the line ‘O acquaintances, grantors of dark disgrace,do not wake me again!’ activates corruption the rest of the poem becomes more interesting. The narrator describes his arms, which are ‘seeming already useless.’ and his eyes that ‘open doubtfully’ and ‘stay motionless for a while’. This is reflected in Chuuya’s exhaustion after corruption is finished. The writers of BSD have done a great job translating that into their own character of Chuuya, with corruption having it’s physical effects that will kill him if not nullified. 

Similarly, there is important insight into the character they have created from looking at the original works of the author, personality traits are reflected in the newly created characters. The narrator in ‘Sheep Song’ says his heart ‘believes in others more than itself.’ and this also, has been very cleverly translated into the manga as seen in Chuuya’s trust in Dazai to stop corruption when he has no control. The poem ends on a sombre note, with the narrator saying ‘I enjoy nothing anymore but my wretched dreams.’ Loneliness seems to be a bit of a motif in Nakahara’s poetry, and to an extent, this was also translated into BSD when Chuuya’s character was left without the person who can eventually stop him from destroying himself, or maybe the character is just very lonely.

To conclude, I appreciate the writers of BSD for analysing these wonderful author’s works and translating them so well into a form for the modern generation to enjoy. I hope this gets others into reading poems and literature from both Asian and European/American authors, as the original works are amazing, and in my opinion, this manga has done a great job to almost immortalise these authors and their works, and translate them into a story all can enjoy. BSD creators, I salute you!      

tip of the day:

don’t try to cram three long chapters for an ap class in one night.
trust me.


Last night @swearronchanel and I were talking about how our perceptions of Phyllis, and how Phyllis herself, have changed from Series 4 to Series 6, and it led me think about the 2 scenes in the screenshots above. 

In episode 4.4, Phyllis Crane was still the new nurse™ and she came across very efficient, but extremely blunt. In the above scene we see an interaction between Shelagh and Phyllis that was quite brusk. Shelagh is filling Phyllis on patients and Phylis tells basically tells her to leave the nursing to the nurses. I remember watching that scene and being ready to fight Phyllis because like how can you be mean to Shelagh she’s such a precious angel. but I digress.

Something that I really love about Call the Midwife is that the characters are all flawed, but also undergo a lot of character growth throughout each series. None of the characters are stagnant, which is something that happens often on television shows I think. Phyllis Crane is no exception, and obviously neither is Shelagh. 

From series 4 to series 6, Phyllis and Shelagh’s relationship has changed A LOT. When Phyllis first arrived, she didn’t Shelagh, or her story. She didn’t know that Shelagh was the once one of the most accomplished midwives at Nonnatus. Phyllis was just trying to do her job, and I think she was also trying to leave the emotions out of her work. Throughout series 4 and 5 we saw more interactions between these two nurses, and we actually got to see their relationship change. They went from brusk interactions to being family, just like everyone else at Nonnatus. We never saw Phyllis’s reaction to finding out Shelagh used to be a nun (althought I wsih we did… still salty about it), but I would imagine that when Phyllis found out, her perceptions of Shelagh definitely changed. Phyllis begins to show more respect for Shelagh, and they’re on a more even playing field. Rather than “do your job so the nurses can do ours” its “lets figure out this problem together.” And then, we have the holy grail of Shelagh and Phyllis scenes, in episode 6.8, where Phyllis brings Shelagh into the kitchen to comfort her. In this scene, I think we see just how much admiration Phyllis has for Shelagh, and how respectful the women are of each other now, and I think that’s pretty amazing. 

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Who was Mr Cappadoccia?

He’s this obsessive cunt who’s gone on thesis paper long rants on his bigoted views. He’s probably one of the most obsessive nutty anti-sjws out there.

He’s famously ranted about how the water crisis in Flint is secretly the fault of the Feminists.

When a user talked about a bill that would legalize spousal rape he jumped all over it with a ton of badly argued crap that just made it look like he was defending spousal rape. And frankly with the shit he was spewing in that thread he kind of was. 

He jumped on this Pro-Life rant about how unwanted pregnancies are secretly there to enslave men. Which then turned into something about how the fetus is the real slave treated like property

And then there’s this hot mess.

Dude was bigoted and paranoid af. But, and I hate to admit this, his shit was really funny. He was like on a whole other plain of existence with his opinions. It was like watching an alien attempt human speech but was taught by the Red Pill. And he’d hound the crap out of you with the messaging system if you told him he was a moron. Which he was.

I actually really like talking about politics and think it’s important, but I wish there was more political content that wasn’t sarcastic, caustic, assumed the worst in people, full of swearing, passive-aggressive or that made you angry or depressed. Surely people can talk about the important issues and make a positive difference without the poisonous level of discourse? 

I understand that these things are important, but serious isn’t the same as sombre and passionate isn’t the same as aggressive. I’d be far more willing to engage with political discussions if they didn’t make me feel almost physically ill with their negativity. I want to live in a world where talking calmly and rationally about politics and trying to reach out and convince people rather than yelling at them isn’t viewed as “sympathising with fascists” or something.

On Sanji’s Characterization in the Whole Cake Island Arc

Let me just say that, for starters, the Whole Cake Island arc, in my opinion, has been the most enjoyable arc in the series post time skip, and it’s definitely making its way up there with the greats like Water 7/Enies Lobby, Sabaody Archipelago, and Marineford for me.  The setting is fantastic, as are the new abilities, the new forces involved, the uncertainty with who’s on whose side, the vast array of badass females characters (REP-RE-SENT), the stakes, the suspense… every chapter is hard to wait for.  However, I want to address something a lot of people seem to consider a downside to this arc and that is Sanji’s characterization, especially in the recent chapters.  From what I’ve seen, people are not happy with his “lack of faith” in Luffy, his “sad sack” attitude, and his recent acceptance of his fate as a member of Big Mom’s family.  And this kind of unnerves me, because not only is a lot of it based on faulty fan translations, but it is also indicating a misunderstanding of a) the situation he is in and b) how he’s been characterized throughout the entire series.

(WARNING: This will be lengthy.  Brace yourselves).

First of all, I don’t really know where this claim of Sanji “not having faith in Luffy” is coming from.  Faith in Luffy’s what, exactly?  His ability to get out of this alive?  His resolve for getting him back?

For one, I don’t know how one can say that any of the Straw Hats “don’t have faith” in Luffy’s abilities and perseverance, let alone Sanji, who just last arc was expressing his belief that Luffy will become the Pirate King to Capone.  I’m finding it hard to believe that Sanji is suddenly doubting Luffy’s abilities and capability in the face of adversity here and now, especially after that.

And based on past experience, Sanji definitely knows how strong Luffy’s resolve is when it comes to getting crew members back, which is why he:

1) wrote a note on Zou saying he’d be back rather than just leaving suddenly, so they would let him handle the predicament himself until he returned (which he did believe he would do up to a point).

2) lied about his allegiance in 844 to get them to leave, because he knew if he expressed that he was in trouble or doing all this against his will, Luffy would not leave him behind.  Unfortunately, he probably overestimated his lying skills with this, because Luffy saw right through him.

3) broke down crying directly afterwards as Luffy was declaring he’d wait for him, because he knew that since Luffy had seen through his facade, there was no way he was going to leave him behind.  This put the SHs more in danger, and prompted Sanji’s complete submission to the marriage and his pleading with Big Mom to let them out alive in 845/846.

This notion of him understanding of Luffy’s resolve is also furthered by this panel, which, in the official translation (which is what people should be referencing for these kinds of arguments, but unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of it bc I’m an idiot.  If you don’t believe me, there are plenty of other posts that have addressed this) says “Please just get out of here safely, guys!” This is evidence of him knowing his crew’s tendencies so well that he is sitting on a window ledge in agony, silently pleading with them to leave safely and forget about him.  The reason he is so agonized is because he knows that there’s no way they’re going to do this, so he’s scared for them.  

Therefore, because of all this, the “Damn, does Sanji even know his own crew?” comments are ludicrous.  Of course he does.

Another thing I don’t think some people are understanding about this arc is that, while it is similar to Enies Lobby, there are some fundamental differences, one of the biggest ones being that Sanji getting out of this is not a matter of his faith in Luffy’s ability to free him or in his own ability to free himself, but a matter of circumstance.  In Water 7, Robin left to protect the SHs because she thought they would be annihilated if she didn’t.  Usopp told her on the train to “believe in Luffy”, as in to believe in his strength, and this all culminated in the “I want to live” scene, where she finally asked to be saved and put her faith in the SH’s abilities to get her out of there.  This is not the case in the current situation.

Sanji is not going to get out of this by simply telling Luffy he wants to be freed, because there are too many factors out of Luffy’s control at play, most notably the impending death of Zeff, who is out of the reach of protection over in East Blue (Sanji was fighting back until the moment Judge brought out Zeff’s picture in chapter 839 I believe).  At this point, he is of the knowledge that the only thing that can save Zeff is him giving in, so that’s what he’s doing.  And until circumstances change and Zeff’s life is off the line, Sanji is not going to resist the marriage.  This is not him “not having faith in the SHs”, but rather him realizing that, realistically, there is nothing that can get him out of this without resulting in Zeff dying, which, in his mind, would be worse than him leaving the SHs and abandoning his dream.  And because he knows he can’t leave for this reason, he is hoping, begging that his crew will go on without him.

Is it almost too selfless? Yeah. It might even be borderline stupid, and I’m sure if Zeff knew this was happening he would kick the little eggplant upside the head for put Zeff’s life above his own.  After all, Zeff didn’t cut off his foot and save his life so he could throw it away!  But if Sanji’s flashbacks this arc have shown us anything, it’s that his horrible treatment from his family made Zeff much more important of a figure for him than we thought, and that Sanji cares about his “saviors” (Zeff and the SHs) much, much more than himself.  This really has been part of his character since we met him.  He took the lightning for Usopp and Nami on Enel’s ark, offered his life to Kuma on Thriller Bark to save Luffy and Zoro, and sent himself over to a Yonko just to keep his crew safe on Zou.  Really, this is no different than how he’s previously been written to be. The only difference now is that we have some info on why he is this way, and I think that is what Oda meant by the “Year of Sanji” thing.  

In retrospect, him calling it “the Year of Sanji” probably wasn’t the best decision, because a lot of people took it to mean that it was going to be “the Year of Sanji Kicking Ass and Taking Names”, rather than “the Year of Sanji’s Backstory and Character Elaboration”.  Realistically, we all probably should’ve assumed the latter because of the set-up, but I, like many, wanted to believe that finally, Sanji was going to be a 10/10 badass again after being gone for most of Dressrosa.  And while I know he will do that later in the arc (come on, of course he will), I think it’s important to note that, really, he is going to come out of this so much stronger because of how he is acting now during his low point.

I already posted this elsewhere, but think about this for a second.  This whole arc has been Oda going the extra mile when putting everything in the book against Sanji, and given that he is only NOW getting desperate, that truly attests to his strength as a character.  Seriously, he had to have his crew, his father, his hands, his livelihood as a cook, and his freedom on the line (basically everything he cares about), as well as resurfacing of his devastating childhood trauma, physical beatings from his family, a fight with his captain, and the threat of a freaking Yonko’s army against his crew to get him to the point of breaking, and even now he is still doing everything to ensure the safety of the people he loves. Seriously, that is pretty much everything that can possibly be held against him, and he cracked this late in the game. That’s some beastly shit if you ask me, and it says wonders about just how good and strong of a character Oda has made him out to be.

Not to mention that his arc has, IMO, brought Sanji from the cool, quirky character that we knew before to a complex, more durable one because of the fact that he is hitting his low point.  Oda did this with Nami in Arlong Park, Usopp in Water 7, and Luffy himself right after Marineford, and this only made me appreciate and respect these characters more, because it is when a character is at their lowest that they truly can emerge stronger and better than they ever have been.  This is what Sanji’s fans want, right? And this current part of the arc, with him being sad and submissive (which is really a very realistic reaction that probably would’ve occurred for a lot of other characters much earlier on) is the first part of that development. This distressed, hopeless Sanji isn’t the most badass or controlled one, but it’s a human one and I love Oda for that.  Any author that can do this with their characters earns my respect a thousand times over, because it takes guts and really good writing to accomplish it successfully.  Oda has done it three times now, so why should we think he can’t do it a fourth?

^^ The foreshadowing is real, and at this point, it’s the waiting game.  Until then, we should probably let this arc evolve and take the events as they come, because it really is a great one.  And at this point, I’d say instead of doubting Sanji’s faith in everything, have faith in him, because he will definitely pull through and reemerge from this as a more compelling, more well-written, and more beastly character.  Until then, enjoy the ride!

[I am SO sorry for the length.  Holy nuggets.]  

Ok. I think I figured out my problem with Mass Effect Andromeda. And it’s the same problem I had with Dragon Age Inquisiton.

(no spoilers it’s just a long rant)

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Giving the recent so-called new findings from Neverland Ranch as well as so-called lost and now found findings from the Sheriffs Office, i only feel it’s appropriate to re-upload Michael’s video statement from 2005,

 Michael Jackson is and was innocent, from the beginning to the end. A lot of people see the paying off as a guilty sign. Wrong. His lawyers and people Told him to pay off the family to get rid of them quicker. They also wanted him to pay them off so he could go back to touring and earn them more money.  Michael later admitted that paying the family off was the worse thing he could have done, he understood that it made him look guilty and that if he did what he wanted and fought it the first time he wouldn’t have been standing in court once more. 

Yes, I am a Michael Jackson fan but that’s not why i am defending him. I am defending him because i have read the FBI files, i have read and watched the 2005 trial. The evidence is out there for all to read and i suggest you do that. Then choose what you may think. Don’t listen to the media, believe in yourself and what you find. We are all allowed to think what we want and believe in what we think, but at least get the facts first before judging. 

Michael was no angel, a lot of the fans defend him and treat him like he never did anything wrong in his life. I am not one of them, He swore, he drank. He got angry and sad and cut and bled like the rest of us. He was human. He made mistakes in his life, mistakes with his personal life and his celebrity life. He was human, he was allowed to make mistakes but he would never hurt a child, never. He could never say no to a child in need. He would never molest a child. 

“I’d slit my wrists rather than hurt a child.” - Michael Jackson.

Michael dedicated his life to helping people, from children to homeless to war widows. It was never just children. He spoke loudly for them because they had no leader, they had no voice. He made his voice theirs. Do your research. That’s all i ask. Never take media 100% serious with fact. They manipulate, they lie. All so they can get more readers. The FBI tapped Michael’s phones, His cars, his houses. For over 25 years they investigated Michael and they never found a thing, and may i add they investigated him until his death. Those files are free to read. If there was proof of Michael being a pedophile then i would hold my hands up and admit it, But there isn’t. There never will be. I agree with you, some of the things he did were weird and a little unorthodox, But that’s who he was, missing out on a childhood made him want to hang around with children so he could relive it. Relive what he never had. You simply can’t blame him for that because many people do it. I do it. I recently bought some old game consoles so I could relive my childhood. Michael just had the money to do so much more. 


“Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons.” - Michael Jackson

i called my dad bc im stressed for finals

dad: maybe take a little study break because studying straight through isn’t good for your brain. clear your mind and listen to music, take a nap…

me (internally): jim wtf i’ve been listening to music the past 6 hours i’ve been studying are you saying that i shouldn’t be listening to music?? come fly to tennessee and fight me

me (externally): yeah okay dad that sounds like a good idea

Essay Writing 101

…or how to pull seven pages out of your aft on the day its due. 

Step One: procastinate til due date.

Step Two: realize its the due date.

Step Three: Proceed to word at the speed of light aka slow painful stream aka HOW DO WORD.

Step Four: Turn in utter trash.

Step Five: Collaspe into puddle of sobbing student, relieved the torture is over.

Optional Step Six: Realize there are two papers due and repeat steps one through five.


5 more days of exams to go 😭 ahh im so tired

But who is Dimentio?

Is he the author of the Dark Prognosticus?

Is he Merloo with a new identity??

Is he the magician who created Pixls when his daughter died???

Is he the magician’s son????

Is he both the author and the magician who created Pixls knowing they’d lead to an uprising when the Tribe of Ancients overworks them and ultimately set the prophecy in motion?????

Is he the first member of the Tribe of Darkness who went insane after looking at the Dark Prognosticus????


Or did Tippi recognize him because he used to be a member of the Tribe of Ancients??

Who the FUCK IS DIMENTIO????????

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Just wondering if I ever need to give advice or resources—how did you learn to read and write? I'm worried if my children are autistic like me but can't speak or understand language, how can I teach them in an effective, accessible way?

I was pretty normally verbal as a child - even a little ahead of other kids of my age - until around 3 or 4 when my Mom noticed I wasn’t responding to things like my name as often. With lots of medical help failing her, she just focused on drawing pictures on a slate with chalk and writing the words beside them while talking to me.
I spent the next 10-12 years carrying slateboards and chalk to talk to people.
It didn’t work well with strangers (partly because I can’t be near strangers, partly because most people can’t/won’t read and almost no one can write or print without lined paper).

Um - rant done. 

AAC is a big help. @itsmunkychoi​ can tell more about raising nonverbal children using it - her kids are wonderful.

One resource for apps for AAC is

I had other links but motel internets is really crappy and they are not responding so I don’t know if they is alive or not.