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Hey fellas, hear me out about this Au idea! Is a little bit angst tho…

Well,Tweek is the new kid in town,his parents are going to open a coffee shop in the new town, and he didn’t have any friend yet, making friends is just too much pressure, instead he spend his days at home, drawing.

One day, the pressure  from been the new kid is just too much, and not having anyone to talk don’t help much, so he draw a friend who he can talk to, just to have things out of his chest and head. It’s not the same thing as talking with a person, but it helps a bit, so he keeps talking to his “friend” everytime something good happens or upsets him.

However, one day, his “friend” starts to answer him back! Sure, that’s crazy, but did you ever hear that quote from IB?

“It’s said that spirits dwell in objects into which people put their feelings. I’ve always thought that, if that’s true, then the same must be true of artwork.”

So, what if talking with his “friend” everyday made the draw come alive in some sort? Just think about it!

Of course, as an unique existence, Craig would have some special habilities like: Travel trough papers: jumping to any paper he wants to; He can come out of paper and take out things draw in paper too, but it’ll leave a silhuet with his format or  in the thing format on it; He would look like a normal person but he would weight nothing, wouldn’t give off body heat or cold; And, as a paper, he would blow off with the wind and couldn’t survive an encounter with liquids.

I don’t know if it make any sense to anybody or just me, but just think in the possibilities!

Dice Divination

How To

Draw a circle 7 inches in diameter on a piece of paper/card. Gently blow onto three dice while you think of your question shake the dice and throw them into the circle. Add up all the numbers on the dice

Superstition says to never cast the dice more than three times on the same day, and to never cast them on a Monday


3 Sudden changes, but good ones
4 expect arguments or disagreements
5 What you now desire will happen. A wish come true
6 A possible financial loss
7 you may be presented with a difficult matter/problem to solve
8 not everyone will support you
9 A marriage or new partnership ahead
10 Birth of a baby or a new project
11 A parting with someone, but only temporary
12 An important message in he form of a letter, text, or email
13 Sorrow an loss, followed by success
14 Help from a good friend or family member
15 Wait before committing yourself to something
16 A good journey, holiday or trip
17 A quick change of plans is ahead for you
18 Good fortune is on the way

If any die fall outside of the circle

1 Difficulties or upset
2 Arguments or disagreements
3 luck or a wish come true
Any dice on the floor Problems, worry or annoyance very soon

a mobile interactive master list for the bts fanfiction creations of deerguk / agustdeer. enjoy!

if you have any questions in regards to the stories below, please click here and read my fanfic faq – as you may discover the answers there!

HIATUS | sillage ; reader x soulmate!jeon jeongguk.

playlist based on the series.

p1 | p2 | p3 | p4 | p5 | p6 | p7

→ currently on hiatus while I readjust the plot of the series. please do not ask when I am updating it again, as I have not a clue.

strawberry milkshake runaway ; runaway!bts / gang!bts.

concept trailer.

coming soon! (preview here)

with stars in our wake ; reader x celestial!min yoongi.

a series of drabbles prompted by requests.

drabble list

an eternity of red ; reader x vampire!jeon jeongguk.

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forget me not

Words: 13,500
Fandom: Moana
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary:  Look, normally Maui’s all for humans weeping over his injured body. Hey, he’s been demigod-ing for thousands of years, it’s nice to be appreciated every once in awhile, all right? But this one, this girl, acts like she knows him. He disregards it, because that’s just creepy, until he realizes that he has a tattoo of her - and no clue how he earned it.

Alternate title: “?????? ?? ???”

Main idea co-developed between myself and @paperjam-bipper, title credits entirely to her. For some reason, she has made it her mission to tear out my heart on a regular basis. Thanks, Paper.

A couple of quick notes, i.e. I’m putting the abridged glossary at the top this time: The ‘ava ceremony is a formal one used for a variety of occasions, included but not limited to: bestowing the title of Chief (matai) on a new Chief, welcoming visiting tribes to the island, honoring guests, etc. 
The siva tau is a traditional Samoan war dance, used in the modern-day before sporting events. 
The ailao afi is also known as the fire knife dance. Literally, you take a knife, wrap it and cloth and light it on fire. Performed to demonstrate battle prowess. As the daughter of the Chief, Moana would have had familiarity with it even before the movie. I have a headcanon that Moana and Maui, the two giant dorks that they are, looked at this incredibly dangerous dance and went “time to make a duet out of this!!” They would.

When Maui opens his eyes, there’s someone holding his hand.

Which makes waking up way more awkward than it needed to be. Sure, he’s a demigod of many talents, but he’s gotta say that hand-holding isn’t one too often requested.

Then the situation abruptly gets about a hundred times more uncomfortable, because as soon as he opens his eyes this girl decides that his pecs are a good pillow, wrapping her arms around his chest and wow, she’s got a surprisingly strong grip for a mortal. She’s pretty much squeezing his breath out of his lungs, which is impressive, since he’s got a pretty solid pair. Used for anything from hakas to grand story-reenacting. Not a pair like it this side of Lalotai.

“Hey,” he says jovially, trying to prise her off and failing. Good to know he was missed during his millennium off. “Look, kiddo, I know it’s not every day you meet your hero, but you wouldn’t want to make a bad first impression, now would’ya.”

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Coming Home

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Request: Can I request one where tonys daughter is coming home from college and he tries everything to get pietro out of the tower before she arrives but he doesn’t budge. When she gets there pietro starts his flirting while Tony’s in the lab

Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!reader, Pietro Maximoff x reader 

Summary: Tony tries to protect his innocent little girl from the speedy devil himself

Words Count:1,192

Genre: fluffy

Notes: none, hope you like it!


 Tony was grasping at straws. After successfully keeping his daughter away from the Avengers for the last 4 years, she was finally coming home and going to meet the team. He knew that she would be fine with most of the avengers,  Steve and Bucky would respect their boundaries, Sam was out of town and Bruce and Natasha were in a relationship. The only person he couldn’t trust was Pietro. That knockoff roadrunner would try to sleep with anything that moved. Tony was doing anything and everything in his power to get that speedster away from the tower for the week that you were staying, including locking him in a speed proof room that he was constructing. He was practically pulling his hair out trying to think of ways to keep his sweet little girl from he speedster.

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Trash witch tips GO

Presented in no particular order with very few rules. These are suggestions and ideas! There is no “school” of trash witchcraft and you can combine it with all sorts of other workings and traditions. Trash witchcraft is all about having a good time and changing the very nature of reality with something you picked up on the way to the bus stop.

What is “trash?” Well, it’s all relative, isn’t it? I think of trash as “stuff someone is no longer using that’s been left somewhere I can get to it.” My trash witchcraft focuses on getting use out of items people thought were useless, and making beautiful things out of what’s been written off as refuse. I’ve also found trash contains things that are unique to it - energies and thoughts from previous possessors, energies of being reused and recycled, energies of BEING trash, entropy, death, life, perseverance, marginalization, chaos, and a strange kind of peaceful order. Just depends on what you find!

Getting Trash

  • Recycle! Save your drink cups and straws and even straw papers.
  • Some low-income hipster/artist areas have “free” boxes on the corner that you can pick amazing stuff out of
  • Thrift stores are great places to buy trash for cheap! It’s usually some pretty good trash, too.
  • Library free book piles, they get a lot of useless donations. Books are sacred on some levels but do not be afraid to rip apart a book on how to use 2005 Microsoft Encarta and turn it into a Sharpie Grimoire. You’re giving it more life than it ever had.
  • You’re gonna look at the ground a lot. You’re gonna look at soda can tabs in new ways.
  • Loose/broken cassette tape used to be common on roadsides but not anymore; you can usually get tapes for something like $1 apiece at a thrift store if you don’t want to wait. The tape inside is useful for all sorts of things, same with VHS tapes!
  • Discarded roadside CDs tho.
  • Rocks aren’t trash but you’ll start finding them if you look at the ground long enough! Even some stuff that’s kinda valuable. Get a rockhounding book and start finding even more treasure!
  • Asphalt and other manmade rock chunks are abundant because roads and sidewalks are constantly being repaired.
  • Near construction you may even find rebar, screws, etc.
  • Dirt is useful. Different kinds of dirt is useful different ways.
  • All sorts of interesting weird bits of metal and glass and plastic!
  • Discarded lighters, some of which still work!
  • Free matchbooks in bars, plus lemons and nuts and cocktail picks.
  • B O T T L E S
  • You will likely find some money even if it’s a bit of change. Spend it or save it for spell stuff (or just because you’re wise).
  • Animal bits are everywhere really.
  • U-Pick/Pick-n-Save/U-Pull-It type car lots will let you go into their broken down/wreckt car lot and pull anything off of vehicles for flat fees and it’s quite cheap.
  • Craigslist: for people who want to take other people’s junk away for them.
  • Freecycle-type trade groups and dumpster diver groups are good places to start on both practices, give em a google.
  • Watch the animals around and see if they lead you to something interesting.

What it’s useful for

  • Anything that has been run over or left on a road long enough has been charged with the energies of the roads. The energy might change depending on the type of road, a slow rural dirt lane will have a different feel than busy urban blacktop.
  • Even empty cups are useful for a jar replacement, especially temporary spells.
  • Straws can be used to build lattices, mock-structures (build a house out of straws and blow it down!), can even be used as temp wands.
  • Straw papers can be braided or written on and then wrapped around things for a binding spell or wish spell. For instance write a wish, wrap the straw paper around the straw, blow through it to charge.
  • Write a spell on the paper of a wrapped straw, then tear open one end and blow through the straw to launch the paper and spell!
  • A cocktail sword is now your tiny ritual knife. Rejoice.
  • Logo/corporate magic: you can use discarded items with a company’s logo with it to draw upon that company for help or even attack it. Use the money attached to the Starbucks brand to make a Starbucks cup the focus of a money jar spell, etc. Or just curse Blockbuster. Oh wait, too late.
  • Glass that changes the light (curved, warped etc) can be used for magnification or focus spells. Colors of glass can add certain aspects depending on how you associate colors. Green is commonly associated with money; there’s lots of green glass out there since it’s a common drink bottle color!
  • All your tiny metal/glass/concrete bits are great jingles for a spell jar that should be shaken, or even a jar bell just for making noise.
  • Flatter lighter shiny clinky bits can be tied up on a frame as a wind chime, gathering wind energy or just being decorative. Add string/knotwork if you want! Great to do with found silverware.
  • A chunk of a place helps call up the presence of that place or draw on the energy of that place or influence that place. This applies to dirt, rocks, roads, concrete, bricks, asphalt, etc. Get macro (a whole city) or micro (this corner of the street) but either way, tap that!
  • Pendant materials abound if you look in the right places, especially if you know how to wire-wrap a weird chunk of chrome.
  • Broken window glass to shatter illusions, break defenses, and expose lies.
  • Broken mirror for scrying mirrors or defensive traps.
  • The right rocks can be used to draw on concrete in lieu of chalk, do a scratch test.
  • Mark the corners of your neighborhood or yard with innocuous, tiny bits of rocks and other things that aren’t likely to be picked up. Even just arbitrarily moving bits of stuff around helps increase your sovereignty over a location. Be aware of who else might control the area though!
  • Trash is useful for shadow work. Find a trash object that you can meditate on or use for an energy focus. A lot of feelings can resonate with trash - the feeling of BEING trash, being discarded or used, being broken. These can be focused on for catharsis or for calm. Walk through the life of this trash item, empathize with its journey, see where its journey parallels yours. Give it a new home if you’ve found some part of yourself you’re reclaiming (a lot of “trash” is actually worth keeping and was mistakenly devalued!); if you’ve found parts of yourself to let go and move on from then throw them away with the object.
  • This can also be a focus for luck or serendipity workings - do a working to find something precious, then do a trash hunt and see what comes up!

Collect safely!

  • Broken glass and sharp metal bits ABOUND in the places where the best trash is. So you’ll want good gloves and I suggest keeping your tetanus shot up to date.
  • Depending on what you’re doing, eyewear may be good too, and I’d wear tough jeans and a shirt you won’t mind getting snagged.
  • Watch where you hunt trash. Some other people may be trying to get returnable bottles or metal for money; I suggest just giving them right of way.
  • People and animals are unpredictable so only work with those you trust and know the rules for if you’re out of your element.
  • Sometimes places with interesting trash are already occupied by belligerent spirit entities who are keeping that as their hoard. Only approach if you’re willing to bargain fairly or otherwise if you’re willing to fight the entity. (I suggest bargaining or leaving. Remember, it’s just trash.)
  • Look, if you pick anything up that’s squishy keep some hand sanitizer on you and some resealable bags.
  • Actually resealable bags are a good idea anyway, stay organized! Label with date/place if you like to draw on specific associations.
  • Add sigils or cleaning/sealing spells to your bags to keep newly-collected materials from causing spiritual/magical problems before you have a chance to take them home and deal with them. If you have an on-the-go cleanse spell then that’s important to use, but sometimes an extra layer helps for really gunky stuff, and trash tends to have a history attached to it.
  • Animal parts - please do some research before you collect so you know how to safely do it and preserve things without violating the Migratory Bird Act and other local laws. There are a lot of “vulture culture” people on tumblr alone, see if you can talk to someone who works with animal spirits so you’ll know how to respectfully harvest materials.
  • If it looks too nasty to touch or reach for or get to, let it go. It’s just trash.
  • Remember that rooting through other people’s trash that’s part of their property is technically crime and a theft. Be aware of when you are trespassing.

Add some stuff! Be trashy with me!

Okay, so. 

@cannibalcoalition, here’s my contribution to “retail hell.” 

This lady comes up to my till with her purchase, and my manager is currently dropping off some change. They get all friendly with each other, chatting, laughing. Then I’m back on till and ring her purchase through for her. 

A six pack of facial tissue or whatever. I tell her it’s just over seven bucks. 

Her head snaps around like her neck is made of rubber. “No, it said it was 4.44." 

"Sorry, it seems to be ringing up at $6.[something].” I can’t remember the exact price right now. 

“UH, no, I talked to a gentleman over there, he told me it was this amount." 

"Oooo-kay, let me call and check." 

"But he told me it was this!" 

‘Alright sure lady, but policy says we have to call someone in the department to be fucking damn sure you’re not trying to rip us off,’ I don’t say to this woman. 

I call for someone in that department to come to my till. Not even fifteen seconds pass after I hang up the phone, and the customer goes, "Can you call them again, I’m in a bit of a rush." 

Why the ever loving fuck are you in a grocery store buying facial tissue if you’re in a damn rush? 

But I call again, and thank fuck he comes back relatively quickly, and is one of my friends too. I give him the pack of tissues, tell him the situation, and off he goes. 

He’s back in a short time, in which I twiddled my thumbs and apologized profusely to everyone waiting in the EXPRESS LANE for the hold-up. He hands me a different selection of tissues, asking if that is scanning at the right price. I check, it is; I tell him so. He leaves me with that pack of tissues, which has different colored boxes than the first one, the original one this lady has brought up. 

I tell her that these are the tissues scanning at 4.44, the other ones were not. 

She complains the first tissues were in the section for the sale, and I explain sometimes product gets moved around from shelf to shelf. I didn’t say it’s because people just dump the more expensive stuff where they find the cheaper deals, and we’re not always fast enough to put them back in their rightful place. 

Then, I shit you not, she goes, "I was hoping the other ones were on sale, I liked those boxes better." 

… You are complaining over the color of the box for the paper you blow snot into. 

"Do you still want the tissues?" 

"Well, YEAH, if they’re the ones on sale, but I don’t like the colors." 

I scan them through. "Five dollars, please,” I say in a weak voice. 

Press Play

FINALLY! The next one-shot in the klance YouTuber AU! The next thing I post probably won’t be a part of this AU since I work on a ton of stuff and I still need to finish a lot of it, but I wanted to post this today as a thank you!

I’m not going to link the other one-shots, just know that from now on these one-shots will be tagged with ‘klance youtuber au’ on my tumblr. The series can be found on my AO3 here.

This one is how Lance and Keith first met!! Most of the one-shots in this AU are gonna be entirely fluff, unlike the last one, but who knows? I’ll probably find a way to incorporate more angst at some point. I hope you guys like it!

Keith hated crowds, and he knew he always would. The feeling of being in a space that wasn’t quite big enough for all the people in it made him extremely uncomfortable, especially since he always felt everyone was staring at him, for some reason. Talking to one person he didn’t know was bad enough, but being surrounded by them? A nightmare, as far as he was concerned.

Stupid VidCon. Stupid Shiro and his stupid, stupid YouTube channel. Why would anyone want to document their life on video for an audience, anyway? Sometimes Keith wondered how they were even friends.

And it didn’t help that he was completely, hopelessly, lost. The directions Shiro had given him made absolutely no sense! Apparently he was supposed to ‘look for where Allura’s selling makeup’, but Keith didn’t know who Allura was, much less where she sold her line of 'limited-addition lipsticks.’ The only thing he knew about Allura was that at some point she’d taught Shiro how to successfully do winged eye-liner, and now he wore it all the time.

Keith sighed, and looked back down at the notepad in his hand, with the list of Shiro’s instructions for where to go. They still didn’t help. And, to make matters worse, Keith forgot to look where he was going, and bumped straight into someone else.

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To succeed in a career/job

✅Gather a coin worth the most in your area, a candle, mint, basil and paper.

✅Write down the name of the job you want to succeed at.

✅Light the candle, place the coin and paper underneath it.

✅Sprinkle herbs “Basil for luck, mint for prosperity, with this coin I bring (job) success and longevity”.

✅Burn the paper, blow out candle and keep coin with you - don’t spend it!

For: @moarchocolate as part of a trade!

The Second Task (Gryffindor!Calum)

ooooh boii was this requested

pairing: reader&Calum

warnings: nothing tbh

word count: 4,235

Summary: third part to the triwizard tournament imagine I posted with gryffindor!calum a while ago, this time describing the second task

i suggest you read the first and second part before you dive into this one 

Quiet Saturday afternoons spent in the library were something you’ve always enjoyed. Most students go out with their housemates, maybe even pay a visit to Hogsmeade, but you just liked the peacefulness the big library held on the days it was empty. You’d spend hours, getting lost between tall racks of books that went all the way up towards the ceiling, sitting on the floor and leaning your back against the wall in the Invisibility section. Funnily enough, whenever someone would pass by they’d stop with wide eyes and look at you puzzled. The books within this section are, appropriately, invisible, so sometimes sitting on top of a pile of old books could bring a good laugh for you and a confused glare from others.

Ever since a couple of weeks ago when you seemed to be constantly glued to the chairs of the library, Calum decided to tag along since he had nothing better to do and wanted for you two to spend your spare time together anyway. The second task is slowly approaching so you’ve been studying constantly, searching for any way you could possibly get Calum to come out of this not only successful but, also, in one piece. You had only one day left to make sure that happened and you did not wish to risk it.

He usually just sits around, throws little paper balls at you, because he loves the annoyed expression on your face every single time; or he busies himself with homework. Silence is something you’ve always appreciated about this place, but apparently that’s the thing Calum hates the most about coming along with you in here.

„Talk to me.” He whines, tapping your ankle with his shoe under the table.

„Stop.” You don’t even lift your head to look at him, because you already know his lips are carrying a pout.

Ever since the Yule Ball, you two have basically been attached to the hip. After class, he walks you to your next one, when you have Charms together, he keeps on blowing paper planes at you, writing silly stuff on them such as „you smell like pumpkin today” or „you look more interested in Professor Flitwick than you look in me, should I be worried?”. He always sits protectively in front of you in the Care of Magical Creatures and makes sure your fingers are intertwined behind his back. It’s just small stuff like that to make you feel closer to one another, but also to give all of his friends something to tease him about and for your friends to gush about at night before sleep.

Too caught up in your book of Advanced Potion Making, you don’t even pay attention to Calum’s fingers tugging at the end of your robe. He then rests his hand on top of your knee, drumming in between the rip of your jeans. Still not really diverting your focus from the textbook, he keeps on doing whatever he pleases, continuing on rubbing his thumb over the exposed patch of skin in small circles, then stopping abruptly.

You gasp when the heel of his shoe tucks behind the leg of your chair and pulls you closer, your front now almost sitting on top of the small desk. His lips are adoring the ever-growing grin he always seems to be wearing, hands going back to their previous spot, only this time raising higher. He presses his fingertips into your thigh, something he always does when he wants for you to know something. He’s needy.

„Calum.” You warn.

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WITCH TIP: 📔 Use ringed binders to keep your Book of Shadows, Grimoire, Book of Mirrors, etc., tidy and organized! Journals and books fill up quickly and when you add too many papers they blow their spines and can start to fall apart; this way you can add things, rearrange as necessary, and quickly get to the page you’re looking for.

It’s also a great way to study if you’re a new witch trying to get a feel for your practice!

i loved you, then i lost you {1}

a/n: okay wow i did not expect so many notes on the intro holy shit

(if you see any errors please tell me so i can fix them, thank you <3)

pairing: taheyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary: you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

Originally posted by tthyung

He cried and cried until he felt as if he had ran out of tears to spill from his fragile soul. You hated seeing him cry - it was like he was another person. His boxy smile would be replaced with wobbly lips, his sparkly eyes now dull and glossy from tears, his skin pale instead of his usual glowing light. You hugged him close to your body, squeezing your eyes tightly and whispering, “It’s not your fault, Taehyung,” over and over again in his ear. He only sobbed even louder, his nails digging deep into your back. “Calm down,” “You’re alright, I’m here,” you told those things quietly to him, although it would do nothing. Taehyung sat there, a sobbing mess, the two of you in the pile of flowers. 

Through the thin curtains hanging over your window, the sunlight was beginning to burst through the glass. You furrowed your eyebrows, sitting up from the ground and rubbing your eyes. You glanced at Taehyung, who was peacefully sleeping on the ground as well, your head quickly jerking towards your alarm clock. “Shit!” You shrieked, standing up and rushing to the bathroom, slamming the door and  brushing your hair frantically. You brushed your teeth quickly, running out the bathroom and stumbling to your closet. grabbing a random t-shirt and shorts, hiding in a corner to change into your clothes. Even though he was asleep, there was no way in hell he’d be seeing you half naked. You checked yourself in the mirror one last time before grabbing your bag hastily, sneaking a small glance at Taehyung. His hair fell over his eyes slowly, chest rising up and down slowly. You felt yourself smiling at him, crouching down next to him and running your hand through his hair. “Good luck on your date, Tae.” You whispered, running out your room and down to the front door, slipping your feet into black slippers, rushing out the house and sprinting down to pure hell; college.

You took a fearful stare at the clock on your phone, biting down on your lower lip. 9:30. Fuck. 

Slipping into the building quietly and into your classroom, you hung your head low as the others stared at you with mumbles falling out their mouths. “Welcome, (y/n). You’re two hours late. Sit down.” The professor gave you a small smile, motioning to the empty seat next to Yoni. 

“Thanks..” you sighed, walking up the stairs and plopping yourself down onto the seat. “Can I borrow your notes?” You nudged Yoni’s side, nodding at her almost full page of notes. 

“Sure, but don’t take too long. He’s gonna keep talking.” 

You grinned, giving her a short thank you and grabbed your notebook, sliding her paper towards yourself and taking out a pencil. You were halfway through the notes before Yoni poked your arm. “What?” You looked up from your paper, blowing away the hair from your face. 

“You, flowers?” She blinked, her voice raising just a bit. 


“Yeah, in your hair.” She mumbled, gesturing to the back of your head. 

You widened your eyes in alarm, quickly fishing out the flowers from the back of your hair, staring at them in your palms. Jenny shot a sharp glare at you two, putting a finger to her lips and shushing the both of you. “Shh. The professor is staring.”

“(y/n), mind sharing what ya got in y our hand?” He asked, crossing his arms over each other whilst leaning against his desk. You shuffled around in your seat, feeling the eyes of the others burning into your back, holding up the flowers in your hand. “Flowers?” He blinked, squinting at the small flowers scattered around in your hand. Quiet giggles erupted from the back, causing you to jerk your hand back down. Letting out a sigh, the professor shot a nasty glare at you. “You’re already late. Don’t make me lower your grade too.”

“You can-” You slumped down in your seat, puffing your cheeks out in frustration, grumbling quietly under your breath and letting the flowers fall down from your hand.

“(y/n)! I did not ask for you to dirty my floor, clean that up!”

You waited for Taehyung to pick up his phone while you waited outside the college doors, leaning against the walls. Your feet began to tap the pavement as the phone call was answered. “Tae? Are you alright now?”

He breathed heavily in the phone, trying to catch his breath. “ should go stay at one of your friend’s house to-today,” he said quickly, the faint sound of the bed creaking in the back. 

Your stomach churned as the thought filled your head. Taehyung was still in your house, having s- fuck. “Whatever. I’ll get snacks for you later.” You hung up, resisting the urge to throw your phone at the ground. “What the fuck, Taehyung!” You yelled at nothing, stomping yourself down the steps and dialing Jenny’s number. 

“What’s poppin?” Jenny asked, giggling behind her mouth.

You, physically cringing at the ‘what’s poppin,’ groaned out loud. “I’m gonna stay over. Can you bring Yoni too?”

“Oo, this is a rare occurrence. Why? You never come to my house anymore,” Jenny asked slowly, her voice showing obvious signs of confusion. “Is it ‘cause of that Taehyung dude?”

“Doesn’t matter.” You snapped, pushing the hair out of your face again. “Just get ready, okay?”

“Alright. Don’t be a bitch when you come over, I’ll make you drink again.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” You scoffed when she hung up, leaving you with a quiet beep. “Why does everyone wanna hate me some way?” You rubbed your temple with annoyance, adjusting your bag on your shoulder and making your way to Jenny’s house. 

Jenny’s house was quite big - well, big compared to the other houses in her neighborhood. You knocked on the front door, greeting her with a big smile on your face. “I have arrived!” 

Jenny snorted, bringing you into the house. Yoni ran over to the two of you, phone in hand and ice cream in another. “Did you see Suha’s new post?!” She practically screamed as you shut the door behind you, peering at her phone.

“On Instagram?”


“No, I haven’t checked.” You crossed your arms, staring down at Yoni’s phone. Jenny stared down as well, letting out curses of every kind tumbling out her mouth. There, in all it’s glory, was Suha with Taehyung. In your bed. No shirt. Sweaty. 

“They fucked in your bed?!” Jenny yelled, eyes wide and face slightly red. “(y/n)! How could you be friends with that dude?!” She scolded while Yoni shut her phone off, shoving it in her back pocket of her jeans. 

“Shouldn’t they have done it like..somewhere else?” Yoni sighed, putting a hand on your shoulder. 

You glared at the two, grabbing your phone and texted Taehyung. Your fingers went flying across the keyboard.

“What the fuck, Tae. Don’t have sex in my bed.”

The three of you waited until three dots popped up. 

“??? what”

“I saw her post. Don’t do it again, or I’m not going to let you stay over.”

“nooo! (y/n), don’t do that! i promise!!!!!!”

Jenny snatched your phone away, cursing even louder as she typed back in response. 

“Give it, Jenny!” You murmured, grabbing it back. 

“Having sex in her bed? Fuck is wrong with you, little dumb shit? You have any idea we have respect for our own household items? Don’t do it again.”

Yoni stared up at Jenny with a wide jaw, her eyes following her as she entered the kitchen. “Je- I know you’re mad, you didn’t have to go that far..”  

You trembled with anger, grabbing the doorknob and yelling a, “Good bye!” at the two, exiting the house and sprinting away to your house - which we may label as Hell 2.0

You opened the door with a slam, shutting the door behind you loudly. Kicking your shoes off, you locked eyes with Suha. She had her shirt on, finally, and was looking about ready to leave. Her smirk wanted you to slap her, her haunting eyes trailing and burning into you as she left. Light foot-steps followed down the stairs until a man finally came about, peeking his head through the entrance. 

“(y/n)! You’re here!” Taehyung smiled, bouncing over to you. “Where are the snacks?”

“Don’t have them.” You snapped, dropping your bag on the ground and pushing past him to your room upstairs. 


Almost stumbling back from the intense whiff of perfume slapping you in the face, you took a second to breathe. Taehyung inched closer slowly, hesitant to reach his hand out to touch your shoulder. “Come into my bedroom and sit on the bed, Tae.” You sighed, covering your nose and walking into the room, sitting yourself down on a chair. He followed after quickly, settling down onto your bed. “Alright,” you murmured. “How many times have you had sex in my bed and tried to cover it up?”

“Once!” He said quickly, clasping his hands together tightly.


“I’m not lying, I swear!” He smiled nervously. 


He flinched from your voice, avoiding your piercing gaze. “Four times..” he murmured sheepishly, brushing the hair out his face. You leaned back in the chair, letting out a weak laugh.

“Now, tell me.” You crossed your arms, “How many times has she left you on your dates?”

Taehyung shook his head, looking at you with pleading eyes. “Don’t have this conversation again, (y/n)..I do-” He choked, covering his mouth. Your eyes widened when a faint hint of red fluttered through his slender fingers, his eyes also widening before he let out a hoarse gag, putting his hand on the bed. You stared at him with confusion. The flowers only came out when he slept, so wh-

You sucked in your breath. The relationship was getting worse. “Taehyung, tell  me how many times she left you!” You stood up quickly, eyebrows furrowing together as he cried loudly, his chest rising up and down quickly as the flowers tumbled out onto the floor. He shook his head again, bringing himself down on the floor.

“No- I c- (y-” He could barely make a sentence out of the pain he was experiencing, clasping his hands around his throat. “Ca- br- br- brea-th,” he gasped, staring at you with teary eyes. Your eyes widened while you stared at his face which was slowly turning red, rushing over to him.

“Can you not breathe?” You asked quickly, concern splattered all over your face. Taehyung nodded, his shaky hands clutching onto your arms. Panicked, you looked around the room. You didn’t know what to do - your mind went completely blank without a trace of anything to help him. “J-Just try to, um..cough it out, Tae,” you rubbed his back in reassurance, biting down on your lower lip while he heaved on the ground, struggling to get that damned flower out his throat. You sprung up and ran to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water and sprinted back to your bedroom, setting the cup down on the floor next to you. By now, luckily, Taehyung had gotten the flower out. You felt yourself let a sigh of relief, bringing him close to you. 

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled, squeezing him tight in your embrace. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that.” He hiccuped in your shoulder, his tears yet again soaking into the material of your shirt. 

“It’s getting w-worse, (y/n)!” He trembled. “I-I couldn’t breathe..” he gasped, trying to catch his breath. “I thought I was g-gonna die, (y/n).” You chewed on the skin of your lip, ripping it off in the process. “What if I do die?” Taehyung whispered, his words becoming more clear as he calmed down.

“You’re not gonna die, Tae!” You moved him away so he faced you, a bright smile plastered on your face. “I’m sure she loves you, and this’ll go away soon!”


Every word that bounced up and down from your mouth and into Taehyung’s ears was a lie. Suha wanted his looks, she wanted sex. Every time you told that lie that involved “Suha” and “love” in the same sentence took a sharp knife and jabbed you in the heart, piercing it thoroughly. You wiped your clammy palms on the sides of your shirt while Taehyung frowned, his arm still latched on your arm. 

“I..I don’t believe you, (y/n).” He said with a shaky voice, bringing his hands up to his face. “It’s been two months, and yet, it’s just getting worse!” He looked at you through the slits his fingers made. You stayed quiet, toying with your fingers on your lap. 

“I promise it’ll be better, Tae.” You put your hand over his, patting his hand and standing up. “Go to sleep.”

You turned and faced the door, reaching your hand out to touch the doorknob before you felt arms wrap around your waist. “I’ll trust you, (y/n).” Taehyung whispered before pushing you out the room. 

He shut the door behind you, leaving you alone out in your house. Your heart beat increased quickly and your cheeks began to heat up - you put a hand to your chest, feeling your mouth becoming dry. “Fuck,” you whispered, giving yourself a weak chuckle. “I might be falling for him.”

Taehyung stumbled downstairs with a tired yawn, shuffling to where you were in the kitchen and hugging you from behind. “Good mornin’!” He giggled, placing his chin on your shoulder. “What are you making?”

Your heart thumped as you gripped the handle of the pan tightly. “P-Pancakes.” you replied shakily, clearing your throat and silently cursing at yourself for stuttering. Taehyung stared at you with a confused look, obviously taken back. 

“Did you jus-”

“Sit your ass down and wait for the food!” You yelled, shoving him away. He yelped playfully, laughing loudly and retreating to the couch. Hearing the television turning on, you sighed and flipped the pancake in the pan, shifting it over to a plate. 

“You know,” Taehyung called from the back, eyes focused on the TV screen. “I’m having another date with Suha.”

You poured more batter into the pan, gritting your teeth. “Really? So many dates, Tae.” You forced a very loud laugh, flipping the pancake up too high and barely catching it. 

“Don’t judge!” He huffed, turning around to the kitchen. “I’m gonna make sure I can make her happy so I won’t throw up any more flowers!”

You paused halfway in setting the food down, turning around to face him as well. The two of you stared at each other in silence before you smiled. “Good luck, Tae.” A pang of pain shot into your chest, causing you to flinch. 

“You good?”

“Yeah, go back to watching TV.”


You quickly fixed the food arrangement and walked to the couch, sitting next to Taehyung and setting it onto his lap. “Thank you~” He grinned, cutting into the pancake quickly. You felt a laugh escape your lips as you ate your own pancake. The two of you kept quiet and watched the TV, chatting every once in a while when it felt too silent. You let out a happy sigh - it had been a while since the tow of you had hung out like this before. You were either too busy with college or he was too busy with Suha and going to buy groceries for their date. You bite into a piece of the pancake, smiling at yourself. 

“Oh, I have to go!” Taehyung jumped up abruptly, setting the plate down and rushing upstairs. You stared at him with furrowed eyebrows and cheeks full of pancake, swallowing them slowly.

“Don’t tri-”

“Ow!” He whined, rubbing his shin before continuing to run up the stairs. You groaned, setting your plate down as well. You heard the loud footsteps running all over the place before he finally went back downstairs.

“I forgot this isn’t my house,” he rubbed the back of his neck, ruffling your hair up. “Wish me luck!”

“Whatever, don’t trip again.” You responded quickly, gathering up the plates and returning to the kitchen.

“Hey, why so cold?~” He sang, humming loudly until he finally left the house. The sound of the news reporter echoed through the now empty house, the faint sound of the sink running accompanying the woman’s voice. Rubbing your eyes, you checked the time. 7:30. Damn, you were so glad it was Saturday - it felt as if all the bricks lifted off your shoulders. 

The rest of the evening was uneventful with you only walking around with ice cream and scrolling through Instagram. You chewed on the ice cream while answering a phone call, bringing it to your ear. “Hello?”

“Is this (y/n)?” You froze, taking a moment to process who’s voice this was. 

“Suha? Why are you calling from Tae’s phone?” You snapped, setting the bowl of ice cream down. Suha’s breath quickened and talked quickly. 

“I don’t care what you think right now, come to the cafe down the street. Taehyung got hurt.”

“Excuse me?” You stood up, hurrying over to the kitchen and grabbing your keys. “Why?! How?!”

“He got in a fight!” Her whiny voice blared into your ear, making your cringe and bite down on the inside of your cheek. “If my dad finds out about this, I’ll be fucking burned!”

“I’ll have you know that Taehyung is hurt, stop worrying about your daddy issues!” You yelled into the phone, rushing out your house and running down the street. You weaved through the crowd of people, muttering ‘sorry,’ every five seconds before the small cafe came into your view. A crowd gathered around the opening as you pushed through the others, panting and refocusing your vision.

You felt your heart stop once you looked down at the two boys on the ground, unconscious and bleeding. One was a chocolate haired man who looked about in his twenties, bruises scattered all over his face and arms. Your eyes stared at the other man, recognizing Taehyung in a split second. He too, had bruises and cuts surrounding his porcelain skin, blood dripping down onto the concrete. Not but of course, not least, Suha stood there behind the two, dialing her father. You glared at the crowd, crouching down to Taehyung and picking him up, wrapping his arm around your neck. You stared at him with worried eyes, wondering why he was injured. The possibilities ran through your  mind; 1. He had gotten into a fight, which is probably the most accurate choice at the moment.

2. He got attacked by dogs.

3. This is a dream and an alternate reality.

You cursed under your breath, sending a sharp glare at Suha. “Hey!” You barked, walking over to her and dragging Taehyung with you. “Why didn’t you stop them?!”

Suha stared at you with disgust, putting a hand over the phone receiver. “Excuse me? I don’t wanna be hurt, and they should be the ones protecting me.”

“You have to be kidding,” the crowd gathered around the two of you, muttering beneath their breath. “That has to be the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.” You took a step closer, and she took a step back. “Do you realize how much they care for you? Stop acting like you’re a queen, take responsibility and stop being such a bitch!” The words rolled of your tongue smoothly, as if it had been waiting to be released into Suha’s bubble. You smirked at the dumbfounded girl and shoved your way past the people, adjusting Taehyung’s arm. 

“You’re stupid.”

You sat on the couch, waiting for Taehyung to wake up. The whole event confused you - his date was only a few hours earlier, so why had he gotten into trouble already? Was he intimidated? Did he become agitated? The thought of Taehyung becoming angry was scary to you; out of all the years the two of you had been friends together, he had never gotten so angry where he would try to throw a punch at you.

Your eyes settled on Taehyung’s body, watching him slowly wake up. His eyes fluttered open, blinking a few times before he sat up. “Where’s Suha?!” He groaned, holding his jaw in pain and looked around. 

“Sit back down,” you murmured, pushing him back down lightly onto the couch. Taehyung looked at you with confusion, his fists clenched tightly. 

“I thought-”

“You thought wrong, Taehyung.” You snapped, crossing your arms. “What happened?”

“A dude was coming up to Suha and tried to take her away, so I tried to push him away, then..” His fingers pressed against each other, staring at you nervously. The explanation settled down into the depths of your stomach, you letting out a sigh and leaned back. He was so close to finally finding out what she really was, but was too ignorant to see. 

“I’m getting you food, I’ll be right back.” You stood up, freezing when Taehyung grabbed your wrist. 

“Can you stay for a while? I’m fine with just pancakes again, I just don’t like the silence..” He muttered, wrapping his bruised fingers on your wrist. Staring down at him with pity, you fell back down onto the couch and began to card your hand through your hair. 

“You’re so ignorant.” You whispered under your breath, staring at your own hands.

“What?” Taehyung’s ears perked up, staring at you with raised eyebrows.

“Oh, nothing.”

The two of you sat in silence again. The sound of the clock ticking in the background faded away when you both were lost in your own thoughts. You stared up at the ceiling, wondering when you’d break the news to him. Your original plan was to just straight-out tell him without hesitation, but you soon realized he would only think it was a joke and disregard the fact. New plans began to form inside your mind only to break with Taehyung’s special soul. 

“(y/n).” Taehyung whispered, sitting up and scooting over next to you.


“You aren’t angry, right?”

“Of course not.” You responded, staring at his hand crawling over yours and intertwining his fingers with yours. You felt your heart begin to race, thumping wildly against your chest.

“Okay.” He let out a loud sigh, leaning his head on your shoulder. “I’m sleepy, bring me to beeeeddd~” He outstretched his arms towards you, making grabbing gestures with his hands. You smiled, laughing and standing up.

“You’re too heavy to carry, walk yourself!” You grabbed his hand, pushing him towards the stairs.

“I’m hurt!” He clutched his chest, walking up the stairs and into the guest room. 

You giggled to yourself quietly, sitting back on the couch. Grabbing your phone out your pocket, you began to text Yoni. Thumbs flying across the keyboard, you felt a cough bubble up in the bottom of your throat, covering your mouth and coughing quietly. 

The coughs became more and more frequent and painful - you grimaced, feeling a wave of nausea wash over you. Falling to your knees, you let out a loud cough before throwing up. Fuck, you hated that rushing feeling that overcame your senses when you threw up. Rubbing your teary eyes, you gazed down and widened your eyes. 

Varieties of flowers piled up on the wood floor, it’s vibrant colors seeming too beautiful to be able to escape your mouth.

You rubbed your eyes again; this wasn’t..right? Looking up, you bit down on your lip. Taehyung was a deep sleeper, there was no way he could hear you. Your stomach churned as you stared at the flowers, tears dripping down your face.

“Why did it have to be him, out of all the people,” you whispered, hugging yourself tightly.

Kim Taehyung was in love with Suha  - and you were in love with your best friend, Kim Taehyung.

a/n: this is very short kill me, i promise ill make the length of the posts longer when more parts are added (also since i’m dumb and don’t know how to reply to things, the hanahaki disease takes place when you have a one sided love) 

Convergence 13

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 14 - Part 1 Chapter 14 - Part 2 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19-1 Chapter 19-2 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22

A/N: Loki and the reader faces off. Enjoy.

The pain sliced through me like a blade as it ricocheted throughout the fiber of my being. My brain must’ve misheard what Loki said, but the quiver in my body said otherwise. I wished then that I could evaporate into the wall and cease to exist, I gazed down at my hands that were balled into fists which shook violently. “He knew about my miscarriage,” I said quietly to myself as I swallowed back the bile that rose up my throat as I uttered the ‘M’ word.

I emerged from where I was standing and stepped into the peripheral of everyone in the room except for Loki who had his back to me. The look on everyone’s face prompted him to turn around.

“You knew.” My eyes turned crimson as they mist with tears. “How could you?” I asked a chill went up my spine as if a hand of ice gripped my heart.

“I could not intervene.” He mutters. “Gods cannot interfere with death’s plan.” Loki answers giving her the lines he rehearsed prior, knowing damn well if she was the woman that he knew she was, she wouldn’t believe it for a second.

The gap between us closed in as I stood inches from him. My anger at his deception gave me the strength as I hit him repeatedly in his chest “Don’t give me that self righteous crap, when you were so keen on the destruction of the human race.” My anger was short lived, quickly turning to tears as I collapsed into him. “Why?” I bawled. “Tell me, look me in the eyes and tell me why you let my daughter die when you could have saved her.”

“I forced him to leave.” Thor interjected. “I know what Loki was capable of, so I told him to leave by choice or force. He chose the former.”

Thor’s explanation meant nothing to me.

“I regretted every second of it, I wanted to tell you when I saw it’s mark upon you.”

“Why didn’t you?” I asked.

“How? How could I look you in the eyes and tell you that you would be dead in a matter of hours. I could not, no one in there right mind could look the person that they love in the eye and tell them that they will die” Loki turns to Bucky. “I am sorry, Soldier, but I love her. I will never stop loving her.”

“I know.” Bucky says, staring at Loki not as the enemy, but as his own reflection, both men were in pain. 

The pain of loving the same woman.

I shook my head. “You could have said it just like that.”

“And what then? hmm…did you expect me to be okay with that?” He pauses. “I thought you were dead. The child didn’t matter to me if I could not save you.” I slapped him hard across the face. “Darling, I’m sorry.” He says as he tried to reach for me.

I stepped out of his grasp. “She should have mattered to you, her life should mattered to you.”



“I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” He yelled. His eyes turning into blackened orbs as he unleashed his fury. “Nothing mattered to me when I thought you were dead, my life did not matter to me, the life of everyone on this planet did not matter to me. Nothing mattered to me. I was going to destroy this world and myself because I thought I lost you forever.” he says calmly.

“You did lose me forever.”

“Darling, please.” He pleaded.

“I don’t ever want to see you again.”

His eyes mist with tears. “You do not mean that.”

My eyes met his. “I SAID LEAVE! I don’t ever want to see your face again.”

The pain that swept across his face was unmistakable. He gazes at me for a beat before he vanished into thin air.

I gaze up at the room of solemn faces that stare silently at me before I turned on my heel and disappeared down the hall.

I felt Bucky behind me.

“I want to be alone.” I say as I I walked into the bedroom and locked the door behind me. 

He turned the doorknob twice before he retreated without a fight or a knock on the door. A part of me hated that this was what we’ve become, I know he is also hurting, he lost a child too, but he would never fully understand the emptiness, the void within me. He wants this to work, hell, I do too, but how do I take that step when I no longer know how to walk? I can’t heal in this house. If I told him I wanted to leave, he would make it happen, but I couldn’t ask that of him, knowing of the life he’s had before us.

“Being here is good for him and detrimental for me.” I say with a brief moment of clarity. If I didn’t do this now, I don’t think I’ll find the courage again. I got dressed and made my way out of the house into the darkness.

Bucky turned the knob and he was relieved when he saw that it turned and open. 

“Doll are you sleeping?”

He stepped into the room and glanced at the unslept bed. A cool breeze floats through the opened window blowing the paper from the pillow unto the bed.

He picks up the paper then closes his eyes letting the paper fall to the floor.

Post Note: Next chapter will be queued for Sunday night, September 3rd. Thank you for reading. 

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She’s followed him to school ever since that day in the second grade. It won’t happen again, Izuku tells her, but she still follows. After years of practice, Izuku is the master of sitting still and perfectly attentive as she scampers to and fro, blowing papers off of desks to watch the students scramble to retrieve them, making the lights flicker so that some of them jump, or standing at the front of the room with the teacher and mimicking his poses and gestures.

Rei from Yesterday Upon the Stair by @pitviperofdoom

I drew Rei! She looks a bit older here than she’s suppose to but what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (the menacing grey cloud is because she’s using her ghosty powers to blow away the papers. She doesn’t really get that in the fic.)

anonymous asked:

Ok this will sound kind of dumb but... Sneezing headcanons for the guys? I imagine Ryoma's being the loudest and coming out of NOWHERE


  • Ryoma - Yep, he totally has the most explosive sneezes, rivaling Corrin’s draconic roar. And he’s like totally calm about it afterwards, too, like Kagero and Saizo will just stare at him in shock after he knocks down 18 pots and 4 kids and goes back to life like nothing happened.
  • Takumi - He sneezes like a kitten, just a little “choo!” sound. You’re gonna want to hug him after he sneezes. He’s gonna want to deck you when you try.
  • Saizo - We don’t know if he sneezes or not. It’s just his eye closing for a bit and reopening, which most people assume to be a sneeze, but he could just be blinking.
  • Azama - Very proper sneezes. Polite, not too loud, always covers his mouth with his elbow, never spits while sneezing. Except when he’s alone. Then he lets loose. Only Setsuna has ever seen this happen.
  • Hinata - He’s got this shouting sneeze, like you’ll think some Faceless just stabbed him but turns out he just stopped to smell some flowers and now needs to shout to the heavens.
  • Subaki - He’s got a creeping sneeze, like he’ll feel the tickle of a sneeze and try his hardest to ignore it, only sneezing when he’s alone because he’s SO self-conscious of his sneeze.
  • Hayato - He tries to make his sneezes loud and manly like Ryoma’s but he just sneezes like a tiny animal. He and Takumi often talk about their sneezing troubles and practice making their sneezes more aggressive.
  • Kaden - He’s a messy sneezer. Like, he sprays so run away from him while you can. (also, provide a tissue to your local foxes when they sneeze, they usually will need one)
  • Yukimura - He’s got a really boring, mundane sneeze. Like, it’s a simple “acho”, his head dropping slightly and his eyes just blink once. SO boring.


  • Xander - When he sneezes, a dozen shingles fall off of the roofs of the castle. The floor actually rumbles.
  • Leo - He’s got a really strange sneeze. He says the “ah-choo” but a really loud “ah” and a wee little “choo” so it’s more like AAAAHHHH-choo!
  • Laslow - He’s got really bad allergies, so he tenses his whole body up for the sneeze, rearing his head back and tucking his shoulders up before letting loose and sneezing so hard, he hunches his back and jumps a little.
  • Odin - He gets those sneezes where he thinks he’s going to sneeze ALL DAY but it never comes out until he’s in like an important meeting with Leo and Niles and he just explodes.
  • Niles - His sneezes sound more like he’s having an orgasm. “aaahhhhh oooohhhh choooooooo” They just kinda devolve into moans.
  • Arthur - Okay so this dweeb always tries to suppress his sneezes because he’s afraid of spraying everywhere but he usually ends up choking every time he does that and ends up coughing and hacking and honestly it’s more trouble than it’s worth but he keeps pushing them down because he doesn’t want to inconvenience anyone.
  • Benny - He pretty much roars when he sneezes and instantly looks around to see if he’s scared anyone away, apology forming on his tongue within seconds.
  • Keaton - He’s got a revisiting sneeze. Like no, once was not enough, he keeps going twice, thrice, four times, his record is 27 (in his defense, he got some soap up his nose when that happened).
  • Gunter - Many often hope he won’t sneeze again because he’s got that old man sneeze, he starts hacking and coughing and you always contemplate performing the heimlich on him.


  • Jakob - It’s the most polite sneeze in the army, like he whips out a handkerchief, covers his nose and mouth oh so delicately, and lets out a simple “ah-choo”.
  • Silas - His sneezes aren’t particularly loud per se, but they have force, like he’ll blow papers around, and afterwards look around proudly to see if anyone saw how far he launched the map you were just studying.
  • Kaze - His sneezes start out normal and unimpressive enough, but his “choo” is really long for like no reason whatsoever.
  • Shura - He always sneezes in pairs, like it’s always two, never a single sneeze, never more than two, and he always goes “bless me” afterwards.
  • Izana - Honestly all I can say is ????? Like his sneezes go a little like this… ahem. “aaaaaaaiiIIIEEEE CHEEEEE!
  • Fuga - He’s got this really father-like sneeze, you know the one. The one that comes out of nowhere and makes everyone’s head snap to him wondering who just got trampled and yelped like a cat on steroids.

In which Fenris is the Inquisitor, snippet #2

I need a title for these

Hawke burst through the doors of the Chantry, rustling some loose papers and blowing out a few candles as she swept inside, her jaws set and steel in her eyes. Cullen stood near one of the pillars close to the door leading down to the dungeon. He looked up, startled, and visibly tensed when his eyes landed on her.

Before he could say anything, Hawke demanded, “Where is he?”

Cullen nodded his head to the dungeon.

“He’s in a cell,” he replied.

“He what?

Cullen swallowed, but straightened up and squared his shoulders. “Cassandra and Leliana are holding him for questioning.”

“Are they.” Without waiting for a response, Hawke pushed past him and strode to the dungeon entrance. She ignored the footsteps behind her that belonged to Cullen, who hesitantly followed her at a distance.

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