paperpenscameralense reblogged your post: Dear White people and non-Black PoC: Y'all don’t seem to understand this, so allow me to break this shit down and explain it like you’re a fucking 2 year old, okay?

that’s bullshit. either you take the stigma away from the word and no longer cares who says it or you shut the fuck up…

Except that people are still using it to dehumanize us, and therefore, the stigma is gonna be there, and they can stop using it, and get the fuck over it. And please tell me how the fuck we are going to take a stigma off a word that people still use in the same way it was used in the slavery days? Riddle me that one. And while you try and figure that one out, I hope that kool aid is keepin you cool and refreshing the fuck out of you since you’re downing it like that.