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(ノ^_^)ノ hey everyone so i reached 1K (still can’t believe that thank you so much) a couple of days ago so i thought it be cool to do a follow forever since i not only have awesome followers I also follow a bunch of amazing people (^‿^✿)

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okay so that’s my follow forever fro now obviously this will grow and obviously this isn’t everyone i follow and i’ve probably missed out a lot of people and for that im sorry but cut me some slack i’m still extremely jet lagged so if i’ve forgotten you don’t hate me also don’t hate me for my shitty banner i made that in 10 minutes so i apologize for it’s suckyness 

So, as I promised few days ago when I reached 500 followers I’m doing my first follow forever! Those with ❤ are my favorite people :)

I will try to make it in alphabetical order.

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Thank you for making my dash an amazing place! Love you all ❤