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School is resuming across the country and Dorkly assembled an awesome list of the 20 Best School Supplies for Geeks. Some of our favorite of the bunch are the Know It All Pencil Set from paperpastries, the Doctor Who TARDIS waste bin from Think Geek (just think of how much trash it could hold!), Chemistry Crayon Labels from QueInteresante that identify colors with the names of the chemicals used to make them, the Deletus delete key eraser from Art Lebedev, and a handmade “Hogwarts Letter” Harry Potter pencil case from TobaccoPouch.

All of these things would be be just as much fun to have at work or at home, including this delightful LEGO Lunchbox from Firebox (Buy on Amazon):

Head over to Dorkly to check out many more geektastic school supplies.