Papernomad is a new company based in Vienna, Austria who makes cases for iPhones, iPads and Macbooks using a durable paper composite that’s also tear-resistant. Since they’re made of paper, they’re completely customizable—write, draw or create whatever you want on the surface. They pose a great question: If most electronic devices are designed to last just a couple of years, why do you need a plastic sleeve that lasts for eternity?

Want This: An Ipad case made out of fire and waterproof Paper!

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Papernomad, A new company out of Vienna, Austria came up with this incredible concept for an environmentally safe, water-resistant, and fire proof Ipad case.  We just know you enviro-nerds are already salivating at the thought of getting your hands on one these. Can’t blame you though, this would totally boost your green cred with two distinct demographics. The artsy kids because it’s completely customizable, and your fellow, aforementioned enviro-nerds.

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Papernomad is a new company based in Vienna, Austria whose mission is to create items replacing traditional materials with paper. Their first product is an iPad case made of a special paper formulation that is tear- and water-resistant and flame retardant. The great things about these cases is that since they’re made of paper, they’re completely customizable – write, draw, or create whatever you want on the surface


Hace un tiempo compre una funda Papernomad, y le pedí  a mi compañera @RaquelBox que si me la decoraba basandose en conceptos que yo le diese, y tras varios bocetos esto es lo que me ha traído hoy. Un curro tremendo, así que desde aquí darle las gracias ( one more time).

Today on Presive we present the Austria based brand Papernomad! They make these awesome sleeves made out of several layers of paper and a bio-polymer membrane, combined with cotton-padding, wool-felt-lining and a pull-strap made from linen! The sleeves are designed to meet the needs of modern nomads: identity, mobility and sustainability. Papernomad-covers for electronic devices can be written, painted, stamped or printed onto – anytime and any place.

Papernomad consists of a young and international team: the Australian product designer Christoph Rochna and his friend Mario Bauer combine their creative and economic talents to turn their dream into commercial reality. The recently won the Red Dot Design Award for their iPad sleeve Zattere, an award dating back to 1955 and now one of the world’s largest and most distinguished design competitions with more than 14,000 participations from over 70 nations! Congrats we say!!

When we discovered Papernomad we immediately fell in love with the combination of natural, biodegradable materials and the possibility of making each cover unique - whether it’s a coffe stain, a drawing, quick scribbles or even a phone number. Check out the design contest they held recently where Papernomad users could upload the images of their own designs!

Today on Presive you can find the iPad cover Zattere and the iPhone cover Pars!