Week 24 - Hymnal Paper Flower Bouquet

Hi everyone,

This week I worked on more items for the paper shop. This week I decided to make a bouquet. This is perfect for a wedding, home decor, parities or whatever the need! I made five flowers for this bouquet. A paper pinwheel flower(with two vintage buttons), a mum, and three paper roses that are slightly different in size. The hymnal is from our local antique store, which adds something extra special. Each flower is individually hand wrapped with twine, then I wrapped the stems together with twine. Once I was done I had a rustic little bouquet, that I’m very happy with and decided to put up on the shop!

Here is a link to the item:

Hope this is a wonderful week for you all! Thanks for reading!


I got my dad hooked on Daredevil part 3: HE TOTALLY WATCHED THE REST OF IT WITHOUT ME. I’m still forcing him to watch the last few with me (“But why episode ten specifically?” Because Foggy calls Matt a handsome wounded duck and they cry together. “Because I think the flashbacks are funny.”) but he fell asleep during the thing with Wesley.

Now I’m trying to get my mum to agree with me that Wesley is the awesomest Hufflepuff, but she still dislikes him. And to think I came home because Sunday is Mother’s Day…