Los bolsos de moda de Retina&Retinette

Nos complace mucho presentar la nueva y exclusiva línea de bolsos que harán furor en el mundo entero que saca Retina&Retinette. Podéis contemplar los cuatro diseños y su fabuloso packaging haciendo scroll. El precio de salida de los bolsos es de 16€ y buscan desesperadamente un hombro donde colgarse. 

Os esperamos mañana en la presentación de Papermind Indignados a las 20h en la calle cometa 6. 

A remix of Jack Ü’s Where Are Ü Now featuring Ember Island dropped in my lap earlier today, and it’s so beautiful that I nearly cried. Who’s responsible for this atmospheric, cinematic remix? A mysterious new duo named Papermind, who choose not to reveal very much about themselves for now. None of that matters, since Papermind’s soothing, melodic remix speaks mountains beyond mountains in itself. And oceans beyond oceans. And galaxies beyond galaxies. Full of longing and wistfulness, the entrancing beauty reminds us of how encompassing, and far reaching, our heart’s emotions can be. There are no boundaries. Alright Paperminds, you’ve impressed us, and touched our souls. What’s next?

Mañana, jueves 17, se presenta en Barcelona, el nuevo número especial Papermind Fanzine “Indignados”

Desde nuestra acción en mayo de 2011 en Plaça Catalunya, hemos asistido sin quererlo a un master acelerado en política.
Tardes escuchando, discutiendo, valorando, manifestándonos…
Mucha información procesada que ha originado, por parte del colectivo, un número especial a modo de manifiesto que lanzamos el #17N a este mundo a la deriva.”

Además nos acompañarán en la presentación

Álvaro Sobrino con “Cuadernos de Sol”
de Enrique Flores

Dinou nos hablará de su diario:
“La Plaça esdevé Àgora”

Y tendremos barra Morro Fi con su vermut especial


En el nuevo espacio de Retina y Retinette
Cometa, 6 08007 Barcelona

Os esperamos!

(vía Papermind Fanzine)



A short film featuring Stevis and some other people.

Directed by Nathan Mowery.

Ya hemos acampado en Retina&Retinette

Un trocito de Plaça Catalunya se vino con nosotros y hoy queremos que vuelva a latir como lo hizo y como lo seguirá haciendo. 

Hoy en Retina&Retinette (c/cometa 6): Papermind Indignados, Cuaderno de Sol de Enrique Flores (presentado por Álvaro Sobrino) y el colectivo DINOU. Y un poco de vermut gentileza de Morro Fi.

Estamos nerviosos, por eso no paramos de repetirlo… 

Y además hemos salido en LeCool

PREMIERE: Where Are Ü Now Ft. Ember Island (Papermind Remix)

Bear with me ladies and gentlemen, this is no normal Jack Ü remix (my heart dropped into my stomach when I first saw Where Are Ü Now in the title). Chances are you have not heard of Papermind, but trust me, this track is one for the books. I will be honest, I do not know much about Papermind. Their email said, “We are Papermind,” included a link to the track and the cover art. Let’s call them…

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“Tanta filosofía de bar ha servido de algo”

Colaboración para el fanzine Papermind // nº21 “Meeting Point”

 Tanto los bares como las cafeterías son grandes puntos de encuentro. Lugares donde los amigos se reúnen y, entre sorbo y sorbo, cambian el mundo. Pequeñas tazas de café, que se alargan, mezclándose entre las conversaciones. Intercambiando así información y distintos puntos de vista, que nos han ayudado a abrir los ojos, empujándonos en masa a las calles.

Para expresar todos estos conceptos en una sola pieza, se optó por utilizar los típicos mantelitos de papel de hostelería. La portada se ilustró mediante una tipografía, inspirada en filigaranas, utilizando un bolígrafo. Y en el interior, mediante el uso de plantillas, se plasmaron en café  algunos textos e iconografía relacionada con el movimiento de los indignados (particularmente en Barcelona).

Finalmente se realizaron 100 piezas a mano, únicas y numeradas.
via: xsarax

PaperMind Begins

               Alright, now that I’ve established that I like to write and that a blog is the best way for me to express myself and my personal ideas, I would like to move on to something other than depression. Depression is a serious topic, and a serious problem, and it deserves a good amount of the limelight, but I’d like to be a blog that is more diverse, that explores anything that comes to mind, makes me happy, and deserves a 5 minute conversation and so forth. If I remember correctly I mentioned that I keep a notebook of thoughts, quotes, and other little things that make me happy. It’s something that I keep near me when I’m at work, and its available most of the time when I get home. I started it quite a while ago, though I don’t remember when, but it’s been significant in helping me find myself. It started as me rambling or recording thoughts to read later, and it has done its job, though I don’t think I’ve actually gone back and read anything I wrote. Because I want to change that, posting what I wrote and why I think I wrote it will help to better establish a personal understanding. Who know, I may help someone else with my thoughts as well.

               The notebook is just that, a small insignificant notebook. The front is white and blue with some random written thoughts. The top left is branded with the word “”, then it is named the bland name of “Steno Notebook”. The bottom left indicates that its pages are 6” x 9” Gregg ruled white sheets. It also states that it has 80 individual sheets within the notebook, which is easily doubled by using the back of the page, meaning that there are a potential of 160 pages and two covers to decorate with my thoughts. The final thing that was printed by the company that sells them is the Reorder number, which is SBNW1. Overall, the notebook is bland, cheap and honestly unexciting. In looking it over, and deciding what to put in it, I think it needs a name, and I have one that I have given it (as of this posting). From here on I shall refer to my notebook as PaperMind. To make it official, I wrote it on the top…so there…its name is PaperMind. It has no back story…it’s just a notebook.

               All that being said, and now that I’ve described its branding marks, I’d like to move on to what I’ve written on the cover. The cover is one of the most important things about this notebook because it’s the first thing I see every time I pick it up. If I write something on the cover, it has to be something that I can read over and over and feel that it continues to hold its weight. My favorite thing about what I’ve written on the front is that they make me smile, or make me think. So…again 500 words in… Here’s what I have written on the cover, and what it all means to me.

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”2

Based on the source I posted, this quote is found all over the place. I don’t remember where I found it, but it struck me. It’s a strong quote that really helps you to look at where you are and where you should be. While “letting go” is not always something that can easily be done, it’s a strong quote and it tells the truth. If you let go of anything that doesn’t serve you in any way, grow you, or make you happy, you will be happier.

“Memento Mori. Carpe Diem.”3

Ah yes, the ever powerful Latin quotes. In looking at the quote, it appears I may have written it backwards but the meaning is the same. Memento Mori is essentially “Remember mortality.” It basically means ‘remember that you are mortal’. Mortality is a painful thought, but it helps. If you know that you have a time constraint, then you are less likely to waste that time. I think we all know what “Carpe Diem” means, but to those that don’t it means “Seize the day”, or essentially “live each day like it’s your last, make the most out of the day, etc, etc.”. So, all together, “Remember Mortality. Seize the day.

“Don’t Exist. Live!”4

“Your life is historically meaningful, and spans a significant time.” 5 and 6

This is a segment of the song “Sorrow” by Bad Religion. I was actually listening to it this morning on my drive to work. It came on my stereo through the magical art of “shuffling” the songs on my music player. I was going to skip it initially, but I decided that it would be a nice morning song, Bad Religion has never steered me wrong. I listened to it 4 times on my way in. I didn’t realize how awesome this song was and it actually helped me to smile.

“We are the most aggressively inarticulate generation to come along since, ya know, a long time ago” & “Say what you believe in a manner that bespeaks the determination with which you believe it. Because, contrary to the wisdom of the bumper sticker, it is not enough these days to simply QUESTION AUTHORITY. You have to SPEAK with it, too” 7

These both come directly from one of my idols; Taylor Mali8 and his slam poem “Totally Like Whatever, You know?” 7  Taylor Mali, for anyone that doesn’t know who he is, is a slam poet and teacher. He has written some of the greatest poems that I have ever heard, and I HIGHLY recommend listening to some of the things he’s done.

“Every great story on the planet happened when someone decided not to give up, but kept going no matter what.” – Spryte Lorrano

This quote is a little generic, but I felt that it was good. It is a strong statement about not giving up and how not giving up can lead to having a great story to tell. That’s how I feel with this blog…with my book….with everything.

So there they are. These are what I’ve decided to put on the inside/outside cover of the PaperMind. They may mean nothing to you, but I love them and, honestly, they were strong enough to make a difference to me.

As a side note I’d like to recommend an awesome blog… . This is a daily blog made by a woman that used to work at the company that I currently work for. She retired and decided to take the time to find herself.  She’s had some interesting stories to tell, she’s gone through hardships, but best of all, she’s just writing to figure out who she is. I wish I had the money to retire and do this too, but that’s not important. What is important is that I’m taking the time to find myself now in my own way…

No matter where you are, never forget where you came from. It’s these trials and hard times that formed the foundation on which you now walk.

                                      -Lucas C.



[ Where Are Ü Now (Papermind Remix) ]

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