paperman test

A blast from the past here! This is from the summer of 2012, it was a test I was doing on my own time (that I unfortunately only finished a few seconds of). I had my heart set on getting into Disney Animation, so I was preparing my portfolio with every spare minute of the day. I had heard whispers of a 2D/CG hybrid short Disney had been working on, but I had no idea what it looked like, and would later discover that short was “Paperman”. So I decided to go ahead and create my own hybrid test for my demo reel, and I applied to the training program in August of 2012. In September I was accepted into the training program at Disney, and looking back, I think this tiny test might have had something to do with it. I feel so fortunate that I was given an opportunity in the Talent Development Program, the last few years feel like a dream:)