Finally putting the Paperman Project preview trailer back online and adjusted.

Had an older version before that I posted for a bit, but then took it down again. I feel I should leave something of it still up regardless. It’s something we’ve been working on for the past 3 years and all of the pictures shown here are strung out from over that time and vary a bit in completion haha…

I still thought it was a good thing we should finally share more of and I wanna stick to that. Your support even just in the livestreams has meant the world to us and we only hope that one day this project can see the light~ Thank you!


Paperman Project - A full length movie continuation of the Disney Paperman short (the short itself taking place near the beginning of the movie) that we plan to pitch to Disney one day.

We follow George’s perspective through 1953, Manhattan, in a world where some people throughout history have had super powers and are called “anomalies”. Things can get pretty crazy, but  to George, everything has looked rather gray, at least up until he decided to throw some paper planes out a window and meets some colorful new people. It’s not a superhero story; just some people who happen to have powers trying to get by and make their own path.


So I made this today for @bonkalore!

I really love the vid+art so I ha to make a lil somthin outta it! Bonka really inspires me to be creative with what i can do, and I can edit! So this is for her(plus Zuka 🖒)!

So this is my lil present to ya! Thank ya for inspiring me!

The Last Bastion

  1. The Blue Umbrella - Disney/Pixar Short OST
  2. Stand By me - Florence + the Machine
  3. Paperman Soundtrack - Disney Short OST
  4. Miss you - Bo En
  5. I Will Be - Florence + the Machine
  6. Spinning as We go - Hello Gumption
  7. In the sky that night - Final Fantasy 13 OST
  8. We bought a zoo - Jonsi
  9. married life - Up OST
  10. Close to you - the carpenters (ukejon cover)
  11. on my way - passion pit
  12. go do - jonsi
  13. all is love - karen o
  14. lovers carving cut - bibio
  15. forbidden friendship - how to train your dragon ost
  16. lakehouse - of monsters and men
  17. somewhere only we know - keane
  18. float on - modest mouse
  19. the world at large - modest mouse
  20. define dancing - wall-E
  21. little wonders - rob thomas
  22. down to earth - wall-E