Usually, I am very much a behind the scenes person in my school arts department (tech and props). As this is my senior year, and I have horrible stage fright, I really wanted to perform a poem for my school’s Cultural Arts Night (think talent show without the competition). While I still suffer from stage fright, this was a really big step for me in working to overcome it and I am really proud of how this turned out. 
         The beginning where I announce the title of the poem got cut out, but I am reading “I Was Told To Write An About Me And This Is What Happened” by Kelsey Danielle ( pigmenting on tumblr), who gracious gave me permission to read it. (I changed a few small words here and there to help me with my flow, but the original correct version can be found on her tumblr along with her other amazing poetry). 

paperlily7  asked:

Encounter: This summer I had an internship in the city, and at the bus stop I would always do pocket sudoku. I'm a teenage girl, so I'm usually wary of strangers, especially men, and don't engage in conversation. Once, a guy in his mid-twenties asked me what book I was holding. He was so excited and genuine, and when i told him and said he could never do something so smart. I ended up explaining the rules and we sat together on the bus and talked about our futures. I left the bus smiling.

:) :)