callisparrow - I think we share a fondness for that photo shoot for Paperlate/the one where Phil is wearing that black vest…I want to put them all together, but I’m having trouble tracking some down…want to help?

Also, if anyone else knows what I’m talking about, I’ve opened up submissions for the time being!


‘Paperlate’-  Genesis  From ‘Three Sides Live”

Top of the Pops appearance (which is studio version over live).

This is a very tight pop song, Phil’s voice is pitch perfect and strong! Not to mention he is gorgeous.

paperlings said: oh god, really? This always upsets me. Thanks for the info though.


Being that my reply function on this damn iPhone doesn’t work, I had to do this.

Yes, I saw it in the Hannigram tag, though I’m so sorry I didn’t get the link! I copied another one that had been reposted after without thinking. If I stumble across it again I’ll let you know.