handwriting challenge

I was tagged by will-grahams-empathy ♥ Your handwriting is so pretty, seriously!

I am tagging bonearenaofmyskull (You once tagged me in one of these and I never got around to do it, so this is our second handwriting chance I guess!), francisdollarhydes, hannibal-eattherude, howishughdancyevenpossible, hughdancysexual, jenkotsu, paperlings, pathonous, sungl0ry, the-scarlet-rabbit, xbellavia (I know that’s 11 but nobody tried to stop me.)

reminds me of when I locked myself out of my house and I had a paper due at a 10am class in Speonk, so I got a ladder and knocked my ac onto my bed, climbed through, fell onto the ac then rolled onto the floor like MacGyver, shut the window, locked my cats out of my room, just in case, then ran and got my keys and made it to class, I must’ve looked and smelled like a wild animal, I was definitely eyed by some other students#NowPlaying Paperlate - 2007 Remastered Version by Genesis

paperlings said: oh god, really? This always upsets me. Thanks for the info though.


Being that my reply function on this damn iPhone doesn’t work, I had to do this.

Yes, I saw it in the Hannigram tag, though I’m so sorry I didn’t get the link! I copied another one that had been reposted after without thinking. If I stumble across it again I’ll let you know.


Genesis: The video show


01. No Son Of Mine
02. I Can’t Dance
03. Hold On My Heart
04. Jesus He Knows Me
05. Tell Me Why
06. Invisible Touch
07. Throwing It All Away
08. Land Of Confusion
09. Tonight Tonight Tonight
10. Anything She Does
11. In Too Deep
12. That’s All
13. Mama
14. Illegal Alien
15. Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
16. Paperlate
17. Abacab
18. Keep It Dark
19. No Reply At All
20. Man On The Corner
21. Turn It On Again
22. Duchess
23. Misunderstanding
24. Follow You Follow Me
25. Many Too Many
26. Trick Of The Tail
27. Ripples
28. Robbery, Assault And Battery
29. Congo
30. Shipwrecked
31. Not About Us
32. The Carpet Crawlers 1999