Voltron headcanons
  • Lance is actually the one with ridiculous ideas and he would make Pidge being in one of them too for “Science research” and do totally ridiculous things like full a pool with orbeez and try swimming in them.
    • He`s just so happy 
    • He almost drowneed but it was worth it
  • Pidge has a Youtube channel with Lance and they both do shitty experiments like the “Hot knife vs coca cola” or “Punching a Samsung galaxy with a hammer” and Shiro comes by sometimes and does the holding knife or hammer cause he doesn`t trust the both of them with it.
  • Pidge still has a science channel with Hunk where they do “real science” as Hunk calls it.
  • Lance once convinced Hunk to grap himself in bubble paper and to throw him against the stairs for “Science”
    • It did not end well
    • Pidge called it
    • Lance has the photos hanging on his wall
    • He loves bubble paper
  • Lance knows how much into Gravity Falls Keith is so he would just drop by his house to marathon the entire series and bring popcorn with him and shitty candy and Keith doesn`t mind at all
    • He once just dropped by at 1 am and he knows the boy varely sleeps so he just went in
    • They fell asleep in the floor against the couch, both tangled with their sheets
  • Keith is secretly a Disney dork and only Pidge knows about it, so she would just randomly quoting his favorites movies or singing them with Lance and he would just go with it and Keith is always dying.  
  • Shiro`s favorite movie is actually Shrek
    • Keith and Shiro used to watch it togheter when they younger.
  • Lance at the age of 12 didn`t know that Jennifet Lopez and JeLo was actually the same person
    • He`s deeply ashamed of that right now
    • And at the same time he couldn`t diferenciate Beyonce from Rhianna
    • It`s actually his dark age
    • He doesn`t talk never about that
  • Till the age of 19 Shiro still had braces
    • He`s totally chill about it unless someone shows photos to Allura
  • Coran once won the “Masters Chief” 
  • Keith actually read all of “My immortal” because Pidge made him
    • He still has nightmares
  • Keith had an anime era when he was 14
    • Pidge had one too and she was 11 
  • Lance actually saw Yuri on Ice with Hunk and he totally loves it
    • Tho he`s not into anime bUT MAN THEY`RE GAY
    • Hunk cries every time at the ending 
    • They rewatched it at least 4 times the first month it ended
    • He`s like, super gay for Victor
  • Lance had once a crush on Shiro that lasted like 3 days
    • Then he meet kEITH
    • gOSH
    • BeautiFUL BOY
  • Hunk has a plushie colection and he has them in his bed back at homeç
  • Keith is actually a book nerd, he has read probably all the gay selection in the world
  • Pidge never uses the same socks, she always loses a pair
  • Shiro introduced Keith to Steven Universe at 15
  • Hunk is a history nerd, ask him about when julius cesar was stabbed 23 times, ask him about egipt, ask him about mesopotamia, he can tell you almost everything.
  • Hunk has 3 younger sisters, all triplets and are just 4 years younger than him.
  •  Pidge once forgot entirely about her birthday and when everyone came to her house she just came by the stairs in her Danny phantom pijamas and ridiculously told everyone it was the 14th anyversary of the series.
    • Then proceded to get back to her room
    • Keith was the first to run to her direction
    • Eventually they all decided to have a small party in her room and watch a marathon
  • Lance once dressed himself as Kim possible and made Keith dress himself as Rom stoppable on halloween
    • Shiro went as that picture of Dwane Johnson with the turtle neck and his kangoroo packet
    • Pidge went as Spiderman
    • Hunk went as Wreck it ralph
    • Allura went as Garnet (Cus she`s a total dweb and i love her)
    • Coran was Gordon Ramsay cus he loves that man so much
  • Pidge has a parroot called Rover which sometimes tells profanities to weird people (Obviously taught by Pidge and Lance)
    • She loves Rover so much

I hope you enjoyed this as much as i did because i wrote this out of the nowhere by watching stupid videos for one hour

Reasons To Date BI

When he wants something

And when he gets what he wants

When he feels like being a sweetie

When he misses you 

Taking pictures together

You know just those days when he wants to be RUDE AF

When you have to get him toilet paper

Late night talks in bed

And cuddling after 

Celebrating his birthday together

When he cant stop thinking about you (so his friends end up teasing him)

When he tries to take a peek at you but you catch him

The way he shyly smiles at you 

Meeting your parents

Just being together

When he’s overly happy to see you

How he looks at you

Ahhh why we all love him


Merry Christmas to all my lovely fannibal family.

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Woman writing

Artist: Miyagawa Shuntei (1873-1914)
Woodblock print; ink and color on paper
late 19th-early 20th century
Meiji era
Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery


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  • Catch the Ripper or Unleash the Beast? 
    I mean, I think my answer has to be unleash that sexy cannibal beast
  • Favorite episode? 
    FROMAGE *I scream from the highest of mountains, the image of Hannibal’s teary eyed expression of pure relief to see Will is alive burned into my very soul*
    DOLCE *I cry into my pillow, the image of Hannibal and Will quietly smiling at each other after months of heartache and pining, finally reuniting physically and mentally*
  • Favorite season? 
    All of the seasons. I love the innocence of season one, the seduction of season 2, and the grief stricken romantic tragedy of season 3.
  • If you were one of Hannibal’s* pets or pigs, which would you be?
    Does his red sweater count…? 
  • Season 4 dream? 
    13 episodes of Hannibal and Will doing domestic things like buying groceries and arguing about the dog(s) sleeping in the bed at night (because the dog(s) get in the way of Hannibal cuddling up to Will and that is unacceptable
  • Favorite quote and/or gif?
    “You made me chicken soup?” once again proving Will is a sassy little thing
    (”It’s beautiful.” of course)
  • If you had the opportunity to become part of the murder family, would you? 
    If I could be the murder-auntie who visits occasionally and maybe stays for the weekend, where they like me but not enough for me to make anyone jealous and then be murdered in the middle of one of their ‘how dare you look at that person and not me, I’m going to kill them in a really awful way so you never look at anyone but me damnit’ fits

  • When/Why did you become a Fannibal? 
    Before episode 4 of season 1 aired. I rewatched the first 3 episodes so many times in the span of two days. I became a fan because I saw Will in his booty shorts and three years later here I am.
  • Did you read the books? Enjoyed the classic films? (If you have, how does Fuller-verse stack up?) 
    Before the show, no. After watching the show, I read Red Dragon during season 1 and I’m still in the middle of the Silence of the Lambs novel now. I’ve since watched Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon, and Manhunter. The other novels and films I have zero interest in reading/watching.
    Fuller-verse is a million times better. Hands down.
  • Been to any conventions? Have you met any of our darlings?
    No. I’m awkward, have horrible anxiety, and no money. Winning combo right here.

To my dear followers and fellow fannibals. Wednesday I reached 3.000 followers and I still don’t know what to say, because I can hardly put into words how much this means to me. Thank you is what I need to say. When I first joined this website I didn’t expect it to become such an important part of my life – but you made it. In this fandom I met people who inspired me before we even talked, people who just talked to me and made me feel comfortable, people who love what I love. And let’s not forget that @whatkindofcrazy even managed to bring me birthday wishes from Katharine and Lara. Fannibals did amazing things for me, they inspired me, had kind words when I needed them the most. And I want you to know that this is what kept me around. Every follower that made me smile, knowing that someone out there liked what I’m doing here (whatever that is), every kind or funny anon message, every compliment on my edits. It’s safe to say that for me, the Fannibal Family is, in fact, family. So again, thank you for everything. Nakama forever. ♥

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