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my favorite color of all time is blue, like a baby blue. but lately yellow has been pretty high up there which is funny bc it use to be my least fav color

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Ricky, Paper Inkly, and Inkly

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam gave me the idea of making this. Plus, I gave both Inkling girl and boy names. Orange Inkling girl’s name is Inkly and blue Inkling boy’s name is Ricky. I hope Nintendo could do some kind of Paper Splatoon like Paper Mario with RPG element to like, but hey, a squid can dream. I have fun making Paper Inkly and on my tumblr, I called her Paperling.

Now, they’re teaming up to fight against the Octarians and their paper-counterparts.

Hope you enjoyed this artwork. Have an awesome day. Stay fresh.

Splatoon by Nintendo
Inkly, Ricky, and Paper Inkly by RedWinter55

Paper Squid Hug

That was a very funny moment where Mario and Luigi meet Paper Mario. The hugging part made me laugh and was happy that it’s accurate how paper crumples. So I want to make Ricky (Blue Inkling) hugging Paper Inkly/Paperling.

Any Japanese that can correct any written mistakes? The sound effect for the crumple sound I got is from

Hope you enjoyed this comic. Have an awesome day. Stay fresh.

Splatoon by Nintendo
Comic by RedWinter55